Mike Waite

Mike Waite

Valley-Leavitt Insurance Agency co-owners Mike and Lynnette Waite recently announced their retirement, and a merger that combines their agency with four other Leavitt Group agencies in southern Utah and Nevada.  The agencies now operating as a single agency include Dixie Leavitt Agency, Hunt-Leavitt Insurance Agency, Leavitt Group Benefits Services of Southern Utah, Bringhurst-Leavitt Insurance Agency, and Valley-Leavitt Insurance Agency. The combined agency’s managing principal is Adam Christensen, and the agency will rebrand as Leavitt Group Insurance.

“We feel very confident with the team in our agency, and we know our clients will continue to be well-served,” said Waite.   “We will of course be very involved with the gradual transition process.”

“Our agencies have worked together closely for many years,” said Christensen.  “This merger will enhance our ability to serve clients, including the benefits from our combined expertise, insurance company relationships, and service team capabilities.”

All seven offices will remain in their same locations with the same phone numbers. The merger will not affect current accounts, and clients will continue to work with those service representatives with whom they are familiar.

The office locations included in the merger are Cedar City, Utah, and Ely, Nevada – Adam Christensen, Russ Fitzwater, and Mike Higbee, Co-Owners, St. George, Utah – Jaron Hunt, and Jeffrey Hyde, Co-Owners, Hurricane and Kanab, Utah – Mitch Bringhurst, Co-Owner, and Mesquite and Overton, Nevada – Michael Waite, Co-Owner.