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The Summerwind Apartments, 280 Riverside Road, has new investors..

Eric Vale, the units’ community manager told the MLN, ““We love the Mesquite area, and feel like we can help to add to the positive atmosphere here at Summerwind.”

Planned renovations include updating kitchens, bathroom plumbing, counters and flooring.

“It is a large investment, but one that is worth it,”  noted Duncan Barlow, another member of the Summerwind investment group. ““These investments with benefit the Mesquite community by attracting residents from nearby major cities.”

Vale noted that Alan Feldman, Chief Executive Officer of Resource Real Estate, says the demand for multifamily housing has grown dramatically since the economic turndown. The expected demand level for 2013 would require a “minimum of 240,000 new apartments,” with “only about 130,000 new apartments [hitting] the market in 2013,” nationwide.