BOM-logo-2011-revisedWe’re seeing some indications that the local economy may be improving, just a little. Businesses, at least, seem to be positive.

We’ve several new establishments opening as summer gives way to fall — The View, a full-service salon and spa; The Press Box Sports Grill, serving up great lunches and dinners during the week and breakfast on weekends; and Iron Mountain Cleaners, an environmentally friendly dry cleaning service with alterations is going to open within the next couple of weeks. But these are just some of the new players to the game and aren’t part of the 2011 Best of Mesquite balloting. From what we’ve seen, you may expect to find them in next year’s voting.

That’s 12 months away, however, and we suspect more businesses will be added to the list as the business sector revives and grows.

The Best of Mesquite grew this year, too. In 2010, the Mesquite Local News trimmed the voting categories from 35 to 30. But this year, we increased the categories to 42. And the turnout was incredible. We received more than 800 ballots — the best-yet Best of Mesquite!

We added a wild-card category — Readers’ Choice. Some businesses just don’t fit the usual categories so we added this one. The winner was the Northview Laundry with Desert Dog Day Spa the runner-up.

Both of these businesses provide a unique service. Other services are more standard.

ACT won the Best Auto Repair category with Big O Tires running close behind. People who needed their computers repaired downloaded CAPP Tech as their first choice with Computer Solutions their second solution.

Keith’s Handyman Service was voted the handiest by folks who needed those odd jobs done with Lindi Corp the second choice.

Keith’s and Lindi will do a lot around your place but they may not take care of what’s really bugging you.

Readers left that job up to Karl’s Pest Control with runner-up Bulldog Pest Control stopping critters from running around.

Bugs that crawl or fly are best left outside where they belong, and readers voted Kokopelli the Best Lawn & Tree Care to keep that outside looking good. Trees Done Right was second choice.

If you need to call pest control or lawn care specialists from your cell phone, our readers say Verizon is the Best of Mesquite followed by Sprint sprinting into No. 2.

With someone taking care of the yard, or doing the repairs or spraying around the house, it’s a good time for some entertainment. For the Best Movie Theater choice first-run went to Red Hills followed by Stadium 6.

Of course, if you’re heading for the movies you want to look good, so you might want to consider the top winners in the Clothing Category — Bealls with Walmart buttoning up the second slot; to get your hair done, our readers voted Bliss as the best with Shereen’s the first runner-up; and Bliss also got the nod for Best Nails with Star Nails as the co-star. You can find some nice clothes at the Klasik Kloset, which won Best Consignment Store, followed by the General Store.

Maybe you prefer a little physical activity to sitting in a theater. If golf is your game, our readers say the Conestoga Golf Course is your best drive, with Wolf Creek making par as the runner-up.

But the voting also was about taking care of your finances. Best Bank went to American First Credit Union followed by Wells Fargo. For tax purposes, our readers said H&R Block was the best service with Liberty Tax the second choice to keep the IRS happy.

Want to sell your home or buy? Melanie Cohen was voted the Best Realtor with Cheryl Rohlffs runner-up.

Premier was voted Best Real Estate Office, followed by ReMax. And if you want to insure it all, our readers chose Bill Mitchell as the Best in Mesquite Insurance Agent with Eddie Montague No. 2.

Medical insurance pays off if you’ve got back problems. Our readers suggest you visit Dr. Leo Black as the Best Chiropractor with Dr. Leigh Rossner adjusting to second place.

Mesquite’s Best Dentist is at the Virgin Valley Dental, according to voting, with Dr. Alex Blazzard filling in as runner-up. Dr. Phillip Hartwell was voted Best Doctor with Dr. Henry Alfaro taking the medicine of being in the runner-up spot.

And our readers suggested through their voting you get your medicines at Smith’s Pharmacy for the Best with Walgreens No. 2.

Not everyone needs to shop around for an doctor, insurance agent or Realtor, but everyone needs to shop around for groceries.

Smith’s got put in the bag as the Best of Mesquite grocery store with Walmart waiting next in line.

If you don’t want to cook, Mesquite has a variety of places to get something to eat.

The Best Fast Food pops up at Jack in the Box and McDonald’s didn’t clown around to get the runner-up spot.

Bella’s tosses the Best Pizza, according to voters and Pizza Hut delivers in second place.

Looking for some All-America Oriental food.

Our readers voted the Panda Garden the Best in Mesquite with the Fez placing second.

Los Lupes seems like it’s always voted Best Mexican Food in Mesquite. It was again in 2011 with Alberto’s close behind.

The Mason Street Café was voted Best Breakfast in town with Sierra’s the runner-up. Mason Street had to settle for runner-up for the Best Burger with the Chuckwagon taking the spotlight.

Sierra’s took top honors for a buffet with The Experience experiencing being second.

Katherine’s edged out Mason Street as the Best Restaurant, but the Chuckwagon bounced Katherine’s to No. 2 for Best Prime Rib.

The Experience was voted Best Seafood over Katherine’s. But Katherine’s won Best Fine Dining, edging out runner-up Gregory’s.

After dinner you may want a libation or two. Season’s Lounge at Eureka was voted Best; the Skydome at CasaBlanca voted runner-up.

But if you’re looking for Best Entertainment, our readers voted the CasaBlanca as the place to go with Eureka No. 2.

CasaBlanca beat out Bliss as having the Best Spa in Mesquite.

And Virgin River was the best bet among our readers for the Best Slots and Best Table Games over Eureka.

But Eureka was voted the Best Casino with Virgin River the runner-up.

The Best Hotel in Mesquite was awarded to the CasaBlanca with Eureka checking in as No. 2.

That’s the list. We congratulate all of the winners, not just for the victories but for providing the public with the goods and services they want.

And the Mesquite Local News, along with Stephens Media thanks everyone for contributing.

But one last unannounced category. The Best Newspaper Readers in Mesquite. That’s you. You’re a winner.

2011 Best of Mesquite Winners

Auto Repair

First Place: ACT

Runner-up:  Big O Tires



First Place: America First Credit Union

Runner-up: Wells Fargo




First Place:  Mason Street

Runner-up: Sierra’s



First Place: Sierra’s

Runner-up: The Experience: The Buffet at Eureka



First Place: Chuckwagon

Runner-up: Mason Street



First Place: Eureka

Runner-up: Virgin River



Cellular Company

First Place: Verizon

Runner-up: Sprint




First Place: Dr. Leo Black

Runner-up: Dr. Leigh Rossner







First Place: Bealls

Runner-up: Walmart



Computer Repair

First Place: CAPP Tech

Runner-up: Computer Solutions




First Place: Klasik Kloset

Runner-up: General Store




First Place: Virgin Valley Dental

Runner-up: Dr. Alex Blazzard




First Place: Dr. Phillip Hartwell

Runner-up: Dr. Henry Alfaro




First Place: Casablanca

Runner-up: Eureka


Fast Food

First Place: Jack In The Box

Runner-up: McDonald’s



Fine Dining

First Place: Katherine’s

Runner-up: Gregory’s


Golf Course

First Place: Conestoga

Runner-up: Wolf Creek



Grocery Store

First Place: Smith’s

Runner-up: Walmart




First Place: Bliss

Runner-up: Shereen’s




First Place: Keith’s Handyman Service

Runner-up: Lindi Corp



First Place: CasaBlanca

Runner-up: Eureka


Insurance Agent

First Place: Bill Mitchell

Runner-up: Eddie Montague



Lawn & Tree Care

First Place: Kokopelli

Runner-up: Trees Done Right



First Place: Season’s Lounge @ Eureka

Runner-up: Skydome @ CasaBlanca


Mexican Food

First Place: Los Lupes

Runner-up: Alberto’s



Movie Theater

First Place: Redd Hills

Runner-up: Stadium 6



First Place: Bliss

Runner-up: Star Nails


Oriental Food

First Place: Panda Garden

Runner-up: The Fez


Pest Control

First Place: Karl’s Pest Control

Runner-up: Bulldog Pest Control




First Place: Smith’s

Runner-up: Walgreens



First Place: Bella’s

Runner-up: Pizza Hut


Prime Rib

First Place: Chuckwagon

Runner-up: Katherine’s



First Place: Melanie Cohen

Runner-up: Cheryl Rohlffs


Real Estate Office

First Place: Premier

Runner-up: ReMax



First Place: Katherine’s

Runner-up: Mason Street



First Place: The Experience

Runner-up: Katherine’s



First Place: Virgin River

Runner-up: Eureka



First Place: Casablanca

Runner-up: Bliss


Table Gaming

First Place: Virgin River

Runner-up: Eureka


Tax Prep & Bookkeeping

First Place: H & R Block

Runner-up: Liberty Tax



Reader’s Choice

First Place: Northview Laundry

Runner-up: Desert Dog Day Spa