The dog park had nothing to do with north south issues, racist issues, or any other such issues mentioned by the city council or staff. It had to do with the Clark County Leash Law which was not being enforced for the safety of all. 

Rather than enforce the leash law, officials decided to make a beautiful park for children, adults, and dogs into a park for dogs. The dog park would have been an eye sore just like the one on second south which is a dirt covered, forlorn, and desolate chain linked area. If the city of Mesquite cannot maintain one dog park, why would they want another? Redd Hills Park is only three acres with limited parking and homes on several sides. 

Because of these facts, residents worked their tails off to stop this travesty. They had conversations and meetings, developed pictures to show the park in all its beauty with people using it for picnics etc., wrote a petition, gathered signatures, attended public meetings, and spoke up concerning their views. Innuendos and false accusations were made against us. I can’t even imagine someone saying that we would actually poison a dog. Our hard work paid off and I appreciate the city council and staff coming through for people as well as dogs. 


Carol Livingston

Mesquite, NV