New Citizen’s Committee formed to recall Edwards

Assemblyman Chris Edwards (Assembly District 19) has been in the news this past week over reports of extortion investigations. His recent actions as the legislature prepared to go back to session have also triggered some of Mesquite’s residents to take action in beginning a recall of his position.

Chris Edwards

Photo courtesy of Edwards’ Facebook page.

In a press release Monday, three local residents, David Ballweg, Kathleen Williams and Pamela Gillick have formed a Committee for Political Action  (PAC) to explore the recall of Edwards due to his failure to answer questions about the current proposed tax increase by Governor Brian Sandoval as well as not signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

According to committee director David Ballweg, “The PAC had to be filed for us to organize and start the process. The actual recall filing has not been made and cannot be made until 10 days after the session starts. The motivation for getting the PAC started was because Edwards was not being responsive to our inquiries. I was not going to sit by during another legislative session hoping for the right outcome. About 80% of the Chris Edwards Assembly District 19 voted against the Margins Tax in the election, I was not going to be silent when the same tax was going to be slipped in the backdoor in a new State Business License tax.”

The proposed tax mentioned is a new push for Governor Sandoval to raise nearly $4 billion to repair the deteriorating education system Nevada has developed into, bringing it to one of the worst in the country according to multiple studies over the past few years. Since the Margins Tax was defeated by a 78.74% vote of Nevada residents last November, the Governor is seeking other ways to fund an increased spending budget set for the school systems in the state.

Edwards’ campaign had made it clear throughout last year on his website that he was adamantly against the raising of taxes, stating that “the Nevada Legislature has looked for ways to increase taxes on out-of-work Nevadan’s. This is the wrong approach”. The PAC states that his actions now, since he has been elected, are severely contradictory to his position that may have won him the election.

While Ballweg stated to the MLN that the current extortion investigations have no bearing or relation to the PAC and their explorations to recalling Edwards from the Assembly, it is clear that the American people, and Nevada’s residents, are done with being misled with broken promises.

As of Tuesday morning, Edwards was unavailable for comment to the MLN and his voicemail was full.


  1. Gregory Schwob says:

    I’m hard-pressed to call myself a Republican anymore, even if I’m registered as such. I am an associate member of the Mesquite Republican Women. I tend to be more conservative, but rather then voting party lines exclusively, I tend to look closer at the specific candidates and their viewpoints.

    There has been a great deal of controversy over Governor Sandoval’s proposed tax hikes, and i’m totally against them. The problems with the schools and our society, in general, can’t always be fixed with a checkbook.

    Having said all that, I can’t express in strong enough terms, just how much I’m opposed to any effort to recall Chris Edwards. I’ve listened to his viewpoints many times. He has yet to vote on any bill. We, as citizens, have elected him to a leadership position…so let’s let him lead. As constituents, all of us should “hold his feet to the fire” for what he’s said. Make decisions on fact, not speculation.

    Even if Mr. Edwards were to occasionally vote for something we might personally find problematic, in my view its “Better to deal with the devil you know then the one that you don’t.” In the final analysis, how he votes will determine whether or not he gets our votes next time.

    • David Ballweg says:

      Gregory, I held a similar position in the past, to make the elected official accountable at the next election, but in my experience this has not helped Nevadans. It is too late after the vote is taken; taxes and fees are not reduced, they are always increased. A good example is the new Sandoval budget which includes making permanent the increase in the Modified Business Tax that was passed as a temporary measure in the 2009 session. The facts are that Chris Edwards will not make a definitive statement where he stands on this issue although he campaigned on the statement (published on his website) “During each of the legislative sessions throughout the Great Recession, the Nevada Legislature has looked for ways to increase taxes on the out-of-work Nevadans. This is the wrong approach”. Once Chris Edwards’s votes for the new $1.3 Billion in new taxes, it is all over but the crying even if Chris is never elected again.

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