Did you know June 6 was celebrated as National Higher Education Day? Now is the best time to learn how to plan and pay for a higher education with the Nevada State Treasurer’s Office!

Listed below are just a few of the office’s resources that help families and students plan and save for college:

  1. Scholarship Database
    • The Scholarship Database is a comprehensive list of funding sources available to Nevada students pursuing post-secondary education. From scholarships and grants to fellowships, fee waivers and loans, awards range from less than $500 to over $10,000.
  2. Student Loan Ombudsman
    • The Student Loan Ombudsman program serves as an educational resource for student loan borrowers regarding a borrower’s rights and responsibilities. In addition, the Ombudsman helps to educate potential borrowers about the best ways to pay for college, such as providing information about all student loan and financial aid options that might be available and making sure potential borrowers understand the details of repayment.
  3. College Navigator
    • The College Navigator is available to assist families as they prepare for Postsecondary education. He presents to schools and community centers on the following topics: college preparedness, financial literacy, FAFSA and scholarship options.
  4. Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship
    • The Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship awards up to $10,000 in tuition to the state’s brightest students who attend college in Nevada. The Scholarship allows qualified students an opportunity to save a significant amount of money by simply going to school at an in-state college or university. Traditional students must meet the requirements to qualify for the scholarship and students that are home schooled or attended a high school out-of-state while residing in Nevada can complete an application.