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By  Jordan Fuller

If you’ve recently moved to the Mesquite area, you may be wondering what’s around the area to do when you’re looking for a bit of recreation. 

If you’re a golfer, of course, we know exactly what you’ll be looking for. This is why we’ve put together this handy, descriptive list of golf courses so you know what your options are. There’s an active golf event community as well. 

From beginners to mid-handicappers to pros, there’s something for everyone here! Here’s our guide to the best golf courses in Mesquite for your close-to-home playing pleasure. 

The Oasis Golf Club 

The Oasis Golf Club actually features two lovely golf courses, the Palmer Course and the Canyons Course. Palmer is the more handicap-friendly of the two, a great play for golfers of all skill levels thanks to 5 different sets of tees. 

The lush green fairways are sculpted right into the desert, so this club is aptly named! Beautiful desert views await you on every hole and the topography is unique, so playing here is a magnificent experience in more than one way. 

With undulating fairways, contoured but gentle greens, elevation changes, and stunning views, it’s absolutely worth a round here. 

Golfers who want more of a challenge can play the Canyons course, which demands more precision and strategy on the back nine to get a good score. Perfect spot for a round and a bite

CasaBlanca Golf Club 

Casablanca is a resort, casino, and spa that just happens to have a lovely golf course on-site as well. If you’re looking for a luxury experience including golf that can stretch from a few hours to a full weekend, this is the spot to be! 

The most interesting hole is a tough par-5 with a 114-foot drop from tee to fairway. With views over the Virgin River basin and expertly-manicured fairways and greens, it’s a beautiful experience meandering your way through this course. 

Five sets of tees make it a great choice for all golfers. Note that the course is quite windy, which could present an extra challenge. Also, the sun goes down pretty early so if you’re playing in the afternoon, you may need to speed up the pace of play to get your full round in! 

Falcon Ridge Golf Course 

On the Arizona border, Falcon Ridge sits right next to two other fantastic golf courses, but it’s still worth a play if you’re in the area. 

The course is stunning, colorful, and lush, and stands out in the desert surroundings. Amazing views of rocky formations and distant mountains greet you on every hole, which creates an open, inviting feeling across the course. 

The terrain alternates between seemingly flat and extremely undulating, presenting a challenge to any golfer who swings their clubs here. 

Wolf Creek Golf Club 

Wolf Creek is probably the most spoken-about golf course in Mesquite, and for good reason! Like the other courses in the area, it affords the golfer spectacular views, which you’ll notice from the very first tee as you look down into a valley where the fairway lies. 

The course is routed through red rocky formations, cliffs, and valleys, and somehow the lush fairways blend right into the desert landscape. These natural obstacles can make it tough to judge yardage here, so a GPS or range-finder is a necessity. 

Although most of the holes play downhill, the wind is often a factor here so you’ll need to play with strategy, strength, and precision. 

There doesn’t seem to be a single signature hole, but there are a number of risk/reward holes that provide a challenge and a bit of exciting choice-making. 

Thankfully, it has a few different tee boxes to accommodate players of all skill levels. Interestingly, from the back tees, Wolf Creek is rated as the 4th most difficult course in the country! Get the training aids out, because it’s absolutely worth it. 

Conestoga Golf Club 

This public golf course is surprisingly like Wolf Creek, but the gameplay is a little easier so it’s suitable for every type of golfer. 

Surrounded by classic desert sand dunes, the rolling fairways and greens stand out like a kind of paradise. It’s a classic dessert course that’s built into the natural terrain as seamlessly as possible, making for an exciting playing experience. 

You do need to be precise, as going astray will land you out of bounds. The fairways are deceivingly undulating, and the close-walled fee; on many of the holes brings an intimate and exciting feeling to this course! 

About the Author

Jordan Fuller is a retired golfer who has played at beautiful courses across the USA. When he’s not on the course or mentoring young golfers, he’s researching and writing info-packed articles for his website, Golf Influence