Suspect Arrested for Car Theft 

After Single Vehicle Collision 

In the early morning hours of April 3, 2022, Mesquite Police  officers responded to a single vehicle collision near the intersection of Horizon  Blvd and Falcon Ridge Parkway. A maroon sedan crashed into a light pole in  the center median which knocked it over, blocking the roadway and exposing  live high-voltage power lines. The driver of the vehicle fled prior to officers’  arrival.  

During the crash investigation officers learned the vehicle had previously been  dropped off for service at a tire shop, but was stolen just a short time before  the crash. Using surveillance footage of the vehicle theft from the tire shop,  officers quickly recognized the suspect and began searching for him  throughout the city. 

The following day on April 4th, a patrol officer observed the suspect on foot,  positively identified him as the driver who stole the vehicle, and placed him  under arrest without incident. 

Braedan Smith, 28, of St. George, Utah, was arrested and charged with felony  grand larceny of a motor vehicle, felony tampering with a motor vehicle,  felony damage to property of another, and gross misdemeanor possession of  burglary tools. 

Due to the felony charges Smith was transported to Clark County Detention  Center in Las Vegas. 

“Constant communication and strong positive relationships with local  businesses aid us in doing our jobs more effectively in so many ways” stated  Chief MaQuade Chesley. He continued “the incredible tire shop employees who  were willing to wake up so early and provide surveillance footage proved  instrumental to the officers in quickly identifying and arresting this suspect,  and we thank everyone who assisted in this investigation.” 

Braedan Smith, 28, of St. George, Utah

Crashed Vehicle