Friends of Mesquite Nevada Animal Shelter pets for adoption

Meet Mia

Mia is up for adoption! This little guinea pig is ready for her new forever home. She would make the best starter pet for any child. She comes with everything needed for her like food, kennel, bedding, and toys. The adoption fee is $15.
If you are interested in adopting please call us to schedule a time at 702-346-5268.

Meet Stella

Stella is patiently waiting for a new home! Like Bandit (who got adopted – woohoo!) she is a volunteer favorite. Very sweet; loves to go for walks and chew on nyla-bones… she would do well in any home. If you have another dog, a meet and greet is always recommended! Check her profile on and call Animal Control at 702-346-5268 to come and meet this special girl!
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Meet Milo

Are you looking to live large? Then, let us introduce you to Milo! This beautiful brown brindle and white mastiff is a belly-rub-loving, people-adoring, attention-craving charmer! He has a big head and a big heart, which makes him hard to miss and hard to resist. What a big marshmallow! Milo will come right up to anyone and lean into them to get as close as possible to get a big hug. He’s an affectionate goofball who lives life to the fullest. He does not always get along with other dogs. Milo would do better as the only dog in the home.

If you’d like to visit with our adoptable pets, PLEASE CALL TO SET UP AN APPOINTMENT (702) 346-5268. The shelter is open, but an appointment is required prior to arrival. Thank you!