By Lauryn Kern

Twenty-seven-year residence of Mesquite Karen Fielding has announced her campaign kickoff for city council.

Karen Fielding

As a dedicated member of the community, Fielding would like to be a voice for everyone including working citizens, retired citizens and Mesquite’s youth.

To encourage the growing workforce and developing families, Fielding advocates for affordable housing as well as business development.

After raising a family and working in the community for more than two decades, Fielding has been striving to develop programs and resources for Mesquite’s growing youth as they represent the city of Mesquite’s future.

Fielding has an understanding of the city of Mesquite and is excited to represent the city’s diverse residents and their individual needs by helping to establish policy in the four-year term.

This position could allow for collective improvements to school and business operations and Fielding is all ears for community input.

“I am passionate and committed to continuous growth and success in the city of mesquite and am happy to be the voice of every resident,” she said.

Fielding’s platform for candidacy revolves around prioritizing the community as well as advocating for the best interests of the Mesquites residents.

“I want to make sure the city of mesquite moves forwards towards its full potential,” she said.

As a community member, Fielding has established multiple opportunities for local businesses to grow and has actively established fundraising events such as her upcoming Salvation Army food Donation Fundraiser.

For any campaign questions, you can contact Karen Fielding at or by her phone number at (702) 378-9964. You can also contact Karen Fielding through her Mesquite City Council Facebook page that includes campaign updates and other information regarding her candidacy.

City of Mesquite City Council Elections are open and nonpartisan and are held on even-numbered years.