Wanted Fugitive from Utah Arrested in  Mesquite on Drug and Forgery Charges 

On December 22, 2021 Mesquite Police Department detectives  received information from Utah Parole and Probation about a male with an active  felony parole violation arrest warrant that was possibly staying in Mesquite.  Detectives located the male at a hotel and while taking him into custody, they  observed evidence of criminal activity inside his hotel room.  

Detectives obtained and executed a search warrant on the hotel room and recovered  methamphetamine, heroin, and evidence of a check forgery lab. Nearly 90 checks  had been forged and written out to the male, ready for deposit. The male was also in  possession of a stolen moving van that was parked near the hotel room.  


James Buice Phillips, 35, of South Salt Lake City, Utah, was charged with 58 felony counts of forgery, 27 felony counts of possession with intent to utter fictitious note, 7  felony counts of attempt to possess identifying information of another, felony possession of heroin, felony possession of methamphetamine, felony possession of a  forgery lab, felony possession of a stolen vehicle, and fugitive from justice from another state.  



Due to the felony charges, Phillips was transported to the Clark County Detention  Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.  







James Buice Phillips, 35, of South Salt Lake City, Utah


“Our strong working relationship with other law enforcement agencies helps us  combat crime that comes to Mesquite through interstate travel” Chief MaQuade  Chesley said. “I am grateful our detectives worked earnestly to locate and arrest this wanted criminal before he could victimize the businesses and citizens of Mesquite.”