By Abbey Snow


Bradley Wilford Marston – Intelligent Mirror Process

Bradley Marston has discovered a unique way to enhance his digital photography through the Intelligent Mirror Process, in which the original photo is duplicated (mirrored) either above, below, right, or left transforming a single image into many for the final product.   

“It’s almost like a Amusement Park with the Mirror Room, as the mind has to really work its intelligence to decipher what is real and what is an illusion,” Marston said. 

Marston said he primarily photographs landscapes, however enjoys photographing any theme. He says it’s fun and exciting to see what he can create using the Intelligent Mirror Process. 

Marston was introduced to art as a young child. 

“I have loved Art ever since I could remember”, Marston said. “About 100 yards down the street from where I grew up as a child was a bronze foundry by a renowned artist, Gary Prazen, who made it big when his bronze sculpture of John Wayne as US Marshal Reuben J. “Rooster” Cogburn was purchased by John Wayne three weeks prior to his death.  This bronze sculpture went from $2,500 dollars to $25,000 overnight.  I spent many hours talking with him, playing with clay, looking at anatomy charts, and some photography. I even spent a year as an apprentice making pewter belt buckles for the local mines. I was blessed to have grown up around this flourishing bronze artist. It was like an incubator for a future artist; I just didn’t think it was going to be me at the time.”

Marston said he had not really excelled in any medium due to his busy life and not having much time to focus on art. 

“With the advent of the digit cameras, I started a renewed interest in digital photography,” Marston said. “Then as my children were playing sports, I invested in some higher end equipment for action and distance shots.  It was the first step. However, it was still strictly a hobby as my professional career, relationships, and children kept me busy with not much time for myself nor art.”  

Marston experienced a difficult time in 2018. He was single, his children had grown up and moved out, and he was going through a career transition. These circumstances inspired him to turn to what he loved- photography. 

“As another day passed and hope was all but faded, I grabbed my Cannon, IPhone, old light kit and started taking pictures with lights, mirrors, colors, UV filters, and props,” Marston said. “ What I realized was that I was a very good photographer, and yet even more importantly was that I was an excellent editor.” 

By the late 2019’s and early 2020’s, Marston began taking photographs in and around Las Vegas. He was inspired to reflect the images by a continuous process improvement to increase viewer satisfaction.When Covid hit, he had more time on his hands and started working from sunrise to sunset experimenting with the reflection process. He integrated social media with Instagram and Facebook to showcase his work.  

Marston is currently a member of Virgin Valley Artists Association and Mesquite Fine Arts Photographic Society. He resides in Mesquite where his Mother, Roberta Eiden, and stepfather, Richard Eiden, have lived for over 20 years. His stepfather donated his wooden toys that he carved as a boy to the Mesquite Heritage Museum, and are currently displayed at Mesquite City Hall. This is how Marston learned a great deal about Mesquite and its roots.  

Although Marston’s art career is just getting started, he has entered his work in a few competitions. He won Honorable Mention with his work titled ‘Floating Zions’ at Mesquite Fine Art Monthly Competition in August.  In October 2021,  he won First Place at Mesquite Fine Arts competition with his work titled ‘ Shaman at Valley of Fire.’

In October 2021 during a meeting with the Mesquite Fine Arts Photographic Society, Marston saw the need to come up with a name for this reflection-mirroring art. 

“Walt Alder is another award winning local MFAG artist in our Photographic Society that has evidently been doing this for about three yeas, or about a year prior to me,” Marston said. “ I asked him at this same meeting what he called the process and he didn’t have one so that’s when I coined the name, “Intelligent Mirror Process” or IMP. I coined the name and am trying to get with Adobe as well as the Nevada Arts Councils to further this modern and progressive avant-garde digital photography renaissance.”

Marston is currently working on a number of various projects. One project  is to establish the curriculum so he can teach the ‘Intelligent Mirror Process’ through local art grants to help other artists with the Avant-Gard movement.  He also hopes to one day open several galleries in the future.  

“The Mesquite Fine Art Gallery is truly an incubator for progressive and modern art, as well as the tried and true old school,” Marston said. “ The Photographic Society took me under their wings and helped me to improve my process which behooves the quality and ultimately customer satisfaction. They are also assisting me in preparing the Intelligent Mirror Process Class in which I will travel to local communities and spend a day to several weeks training artists on the IMP.” 

( The following photos are of  Bradley Marston’s photography- Submitted by Bradley Marston)

Bradley W. Marston 8/2021 at MFAG

“Shaman at Valley of Fire” 1st Place at Behind the Mask Competition at Mesquite Fine Art Gallery. 10/2021

“Hacked to Art” 8/2018

“Triangle Love” Clark County Museum 11/2019

“Blood on Your Hands” 11/2018

“Valley of Gold Butte” 3/2021

                                                                 “Something Wicked this way Comes-Covid-19” 3/2020
                                                                            “Allegiant Stadium 2020 Baby” 3/2020
                                                                                 “New York New York Baby” 2/2020
“Vegas Desert Owl” 2/2020
“Patterns of the Night” 12/2019
“High Roller Baby” 11/2019
“Sunrise Express Baby” 11/2021
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