Mesquite Veterans Day Parade Committee  

Re: November 6, 2021 Veterans Day Parade Event – Request for Participation 

Please consider this to be the Veterans Day Parade Committee’s formal request for your  organization to participate in our Veterans Day Parade taking place November 6th, 2021.  We would be honored to have you take part in this year’s parade. We welcome your  participation to make this event the one our community to looks forward to attending every  year. 

Our theme for this year’s parade is “FOREVER STRONG, ALWAYS SERVING”. This is  our 23nd year of holding this annual event. Each year we have expanded the parade with  over 50 units participating in the last three years’ events. Our committee, consisting of  Veterans and residents of Mesquite, are diligently working to provide an exciting event filled  day which will begin at 8 a.m. with a Memorial Service at the Veterans Memorial Park  followed by the parade beginning at 10 a.m. 

Having this Parade is a necessary and important way to honor those who have sacrificed to  provide freedom for our nation, to our Veterans of the past, our fellow comrades presently  in the armed forces, and our future Veterans of tomorrow. We, as American citizens, will  never, and must never, forget why we must celebrate and honor the military and the  Veterans of the United States of America. The Veterans Day Parade is an event for each  and every one to take time out and thank our Armed Forces and Veterans for our freedom.  

If it is necessary for you to arrive the day before the event, please make your room  reservations in advance. It is one of our very busy weekends of the year for Mesquite.  

Please fill out the enclosed application and forward it to us before October 7th, 2021. We  cannot guarantee late applications will be able to participate.  

A completed application is a mandatory requirement for participation in the parade. It is  expected that each participant present themselves within the theme of the parade.  Patriotic dress is encouraged. Please, no political or religious themes. No  political campaign signs or advertising are allowed. We are honoring our  Veterans and Military Personnel.

Click on the link to view the VDP Letter & Contract To Participate Form:

VDP Letter & Contract to Participants (2021)