By Pastor Michael Quinton

                                                             WHO TOUCHED ME?

MARK 5:33, LUKE 8:42-48

We have here, a story within a story.  Jesus is on his way to the house of Jairus, a Capernaum synagogue leader, who daughter very ill.  Jairus had desperately sought Jesus to come quickly, or she would die.

Yet, here in these verses we learn that Jesus stopped and healed a woman with a medical condition that had exhausted all her finances and resources for 12 years.  Jesus was her last hope also.

Mark 5:27-28, the woman said, “If I could just touch His clothing, I will be healed.”  Here was Jesus hurrying to the house of Jairus to save his daughter and being pressed about with a multitude of people on His way.

Think of the clothing of that time.  Jesus, like everyone, was wearing a loose, flowing garment, yet He knew when someone touched his clothing and He asked, “Who touched me?”

In verse 31, His disciples were beside themselves: “You see the multitude and you ask, ‘Who touched me?’

Jesus, of course, knew who touched Him, but He asked the question to prompt the woman to confess out loud and to glorify God.  

Remember, Jesus is on His way to save Jairus’ daughter.  If He had kept walking, would the woman have been healed by simply touching His garment?  Jesus used this illustration to publicly make it known to the crowd that it was NOT her physical act of touching, but it was her FAITH that healed her. Luke 8:48

In verse 35, a messenger came to announce the daughter had died and not to bother Jesus as it was too late to save her.  In verse 36, Jesus told Jairus, “Fear not, believe and she shall be made whole.”


  1.  Sometimes God delays answering our needs, but God is not a genie in a lamp, but Sovereign.  The Bible has many examples of this including Daniel.
  2. Are you, am I, willing to Let Go and Let God?


When the messenger told Jairus has daughter was dead and Jesus told Jairus, “Trust Me”, Jairus had a choice:Blame God or Believe God

Are we willing to let God be sovereign?

Will we blame God or believe God?

Who Touched Me?


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