By Jackie Valley/The Nevada Independent

The math didn’t add up for Richard Luciano.

His quest for a new home with enough room for his elderly parents became a ritual steeped in disappointment. He and his wife scoured the Las Vegas real-estate market for more than a year and a half, watching prices soar and bidding wars become the norm. The prices advertised on home builder billboards? Not even close to reality, Luciano says.

“I was finding myself every Tuesday (in) a drawing to see if I win a friggin’ house that I gotta pay $500,000 for that’s worth $300,000,” he said.

Enough was enough, he decided, which is how the 55-year-old wound up organizing a moving sale last week. In the garage of his rental home, wall decor, kitchen appliances and assorted household goods awaited buyers. An orange tabby cat, meanwhile, rested in an upstairs bedroom, steps away from treasured belongings packed in plastic tubs.

Luciano and his wife are bidding Nevada goodbye. They purchased a new home — 2,000 square feet on a golf course lot — for $399,000 in eastern Pennsylvania. After attending family weddings in the Poconos region, they zeroed in on that locale. Luciano, a consultant for auto dealerships, can work anywhere.

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