New Power Saws for Mesquite Fire and Rescue 

Mesquite Fire Rescue was able to purchase four new gas powered saws from funds raised during two charity golf tournaments. The funds raised from these events were split between Mesquite Police Department and Mesquite Fire Rescue. Eagles Landing Travel Plaza LLC set up the first annual Best of the Best First Responders Charity Golf Tournament hosted at Conestoga Golf course. The second tournament was organized by Councilman Wurston and hosted at the Palms Golf course. Between the two tournaments there was over 4,500 dollars raised for Mesquite Fire Rescue. 

Of the new saws, two are chainsaws with specialized chains that cut through all types of roofing materials. This makes the task of venlang a structure that is on fire quick and safe. The other two saws are circular saws with blades that cut through all types of material. These saws are used during vehicle fires to cut through the metal of the vehicle or trailer to gain access. 

The new saws replaced others that have been in service for over 15 years. They have modern components that are designed for the fire service. Mesquite Fire Rescue is grateful for the generosity of all those that contributed especially to those that did so much work organizing these events. 

Kenny Huff (Eagles Landing)  FF/EMT Cody Cannon, FF/CCP Terran Leavitt and Captain Ryan Thornton (submitted by Mesquite Fire & Rescue)