By Kirk Kern

The Mesquite City Council on Tuesday approved a mixed use development project at 511 W. Mesquite Blvd. that would build a 39-unit, three story apartment complex along with a drive-through coffee shop at the front of the property.

The project is proposed by Entitlement Specialists, owned by Utah resident Gary Cannon. Cannon was present at the meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 14, and said he had looked at building in Mesquite years ago, but decided to build at this time as he is nearing retirement age and is considering a move to town as well.

“I’m anxious to contribute to the economic betterment of this town,” he said.

The property’s apartment units will range from studios to two-bedrooms. It’s located on Mesquite Boulevard, across the street from the post office. Mayor Allan Litman asked if Cannon could reveal the name of the restaurant.

“It will be a coffee shop,” Cannon said. “It will be unique to this city and it will have a boardroom that can be rented out. The name is to be determined.”

In other business, the council:

• Unanimously approved the funding for CEAB proposals for the 2021-22 school year for $75,982.50, which also included $41,200 available from CARES Act funding that needed to be spent before the end of the year and the $3,303.10 remaining from a $10,000 donation from Deep Roots last year. The city funded the remaining $31,449.40.

Councilman Wes Boger stated the city usually funds $60,000 toward these requests.

Virgin Valley High School and Hughes Middle School combined their request for teacher reimbursements for supplies and additional manipulatives for individual student use; Virgin Valley Elementary asked for 38 Elmo document cameras and two teacher’s aids while Bowler Elementary asked for two temporary tutors.

• Unanimously approved the sale of three lots off of Pioneer Boulevard, out by the Flying J property, to Hawaiian Food Carts. The city had two appraisals and used the higher of the two, valued at $675,000. The sales contract gives the company a 90 percent discount off this price, at $67,500. But there are obligations built into the sales agreement that if the company doesn’t meet numbers on capital investment, job creation and certain hourly wages then the cost could be recouped.

Deputy City Manager Merlene Green said the company is based in Hawaii, but is shutting down an Oregon manufacturing plan to move to Mesquite.

Litman is familiar with the company from his time living in Hawaii.

“They custom build food trucks, Litman said. “They come as a whole package, approved and ready to role. It’s a pretty high class operation.”

• Unanimously approved the hiring of Nicole “Nikki” Thorn as the city’s finance director and treasurer.

• The mayor commented on the need for COVID-19 vaccinations, especially as the Delta Variant has impacted local hospital occupancy. He said he spoke with representatives at MesaView Hospital and was told they are “full up with COVID cases and people in there are sicker than they have been before.”

Fire Chief Jayson Andrus updated the council that Mesquite’s positivity rate is currently 17 percent, compared to 9.6 county-wide. Mesquite’s seven-day average is 4-6 cases per day.

“What’s the solution to all of this?” Litman said. “Basically, we understand what’s going on. Get the vaccine and make room for those who need the hospital care for other reasons.”