By Tabitha Mueller/The Nevada Independent

Republican Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) announced Saturday that former Nevada Attorney General  will be running for Democratic Sen. ’s U.S. Senate seat.

“Maybe [Laxalt] can’t say it, but I’m going to preview it,” Cotton said during the sixth annual Basque Fry, a jamboree that draws some of the country’s most well-known conservative politicians to a ranch in Gardnerville. “Right now, the Democrats are in charge in Washington. We’re going to change that come 2022, and that change starts right here in Nevada, when Adam Laxalt sends Catherine Cortez Masto packing home for Nevada.”

Richard Grenell, the former acting director of national intelligence within the Trump administration in 2020 and a former ambassador to Germany, did not deny or confirm Cotton’s words but said he expected voters to hear from Laxalt on Tuesday.

“We can’t make any announcements here about Adam’s future, but as a close friend of Adam’s, I’m telling you I am pushing him hard, that on Tuesday maybe he’ll make an announcement,” Grenell told the assembled crowd.

Following the 2020 election, Grenell, alongside Laxalt and another Trump representative, questioned the election results during a press conference in Clark County and alleged that illegal voting had taken place — allegations that were widely discredited.

Rumblings of Laxalt’s candidacy have circulated for months, but he told talk-radio host Kevin Wall this week that he would not make a formal announcement at the Basque Fry.

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