The PACT Coalition, together with the Women’s History and Culture Center (WHCC), is  part of a Southern Nevada initiative to Break the Cycle of drug and alcohol addiction. In Mesquite, NV,  these organizations are part of the comprehensive Mesquite Drug Court Breaking the Cycle Program, led  by Judge Ryan Toone. Drug Court participants may voluntarily opt into the program for a time period of  18+ months.

Together with the Mesquite City Attorney’s Office, SafeNest, and Mesquite Behavioral  Health, the Breaking the Cycle Team provides participants with comprehensive opportunities to  experience drug- and alcohol-free futures with multi-faceted support. 

Family relationships AND family fun are an integral component of that future. This summer, Mesquite Breaking the Cycle participants are being treated to four events. Events (past and scheduled) include  a park picnic, swimming pool barbecue party, movie theater adventure, and a bowling party.

Here’s a  glimpse of family fun AND program success. (Learn more about PACT and WHCC below.)

breaking the cycle

Jamie Ross of the PACT Coalition stated that, “it’s an honor to be a part of such a fun and  inclusive experience that strengthens our community and our families. It’s fortunate that we  have funding and partnerships that enable those involved in Judge Toon’s program to reconnect  with family support systems that are so important for long term success in this incredible  program.”

The PACT Coalition is a substance misuse prevention coalition dedicated to providing  resources to the communities of Southern Nevada providing 3 basic services including, direct  funding to nonprofits and governmental agencies increasing substance misuse prevention  directly to those in need throughout Clark County, training and education in addiction, substance  use disorder and mental health prevention and promotion to community members and  professionals, and a neutral convening table to discuss issues of the day where sector members  come to the table to solve current issues related to substance misuse and behavioral health  issues. Find out more by visiting 

The Women’s History and Culture Center shares information on women’s  achievements and multicultural issues to improve the quality of life of women and  men in the greater Mesquite area. Find out more by visiting 

Breaking the Cycle events are supported by the Nevada State Department of Health and Human Services  through Grant # 1NU17CE925001 from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.