By Abbey Snow

(Gail Laird and Deb Parsley attend ribbon cutting ceremony for MPAC unveiling of the first covered electric box on Friday June 18th in front of the Eureka Casino. (photo submitted by Mesquite Showgirls)

Since 2011, The Mesquite Showgirls have been a delightful addition at various events and activities throughout Mesquite by volunteering their services and supporting the community with their smiles and presence.

Becky Boyd, president of Mesquite Showgirls, joined the group seven years ago to become better acquainted with the community by meeting people while wearing beautiful costumes.

She is also the Timber Lakes Property Owners Association Secretary and Water Company Liaison in Heber, Utah, as well as the publisher of the Timber Lakes Newsletter.

Mesquite Showgirls was founded in 2011 by Jean Watkins, which consisted of three women at the time but has since grown to 24 members.

They started as a volunteer group of ladies wanting to help in the community by adding a little sparkle and a smile at various events. Currently the group consists of a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, scheduler, and volunteers.

(Dianne McKinney, Kathy Bussman and Becky Boyd, ‘Family Fun Night’ at Mesquite Recreation Center (photo Submitted by Mesquite Showgirls)

The Mesquite Showgirls mission is being a volunteer community service group that supports local organizations, nonprofits and community events by adding joy, sparkle and big smiles to any occasion.

“We have helped with over 500 events, and have not charged for our services,” Boyd said. “We have sold raffle tickets, 50/50 tickets, meet and greet, waved on floats, and shined at ribbon cutting ceremonies with big smiles, sparkle and feathers. I think you can ask anyone in Mesquite; they love to see the Showgirls at any event.”

Boyd said they are always looking for new showgirls to join the group who have a volunteer heart, big smiles and love to have fun helping their community and other groups with their events.

(Diana McKinney,Becky Boyd and Gail Laird at the first annual ‘First Responder Golf Tournament’ (photo submitted by Mesquite Showgirls)

Deb Parsley has been the Mesquite Showgirls treasurer since 2019.

“Jean Watkins and I were chatting one day at an event and she asked if I would be interested in being a Cameo (Showgirl for a Day), and it just progressed from there,” Parsley said. “It’s a great beautiful group of Women, and I am so lucky to be sisters with them all.”


(Becky Boyd, Maggie Calhoun, Gail Laird, Jennifer Henson at Grand Opening for Polaris (photo submitted by Mesquite Showgirls)

Because the Mesquite Showgirls are a nonprofit group, they depend on the community for donations to cover necessary expenses.

Before the pandemic, they held a formal dinner and dance every year, “Denim and Diamonds,” which helped cover expenses. Because of the pandemic they have been unable to hold this event for two years and needed help.

Their members donated money out of their pockets to keep the group running. Additionally, they received some help from the community, such as Danielle’s Chocolates who let them sell their snowy white popcorn as a fundraiser, Boyd said.

Parsley said that during the pandemic they would hold ZOOM meetings for the board members in order to keep them updated on their financial status.

Since pandemic restrictions have been lifted in Mesquite, the showgirls have attended many ribbon cuttings, several golf tournaments, chamber luncheons, helped with COVID shots at The Barn, and the 4th of July event at the Eureka.

“The Showgirls group has stayed together as a loving and very cohesive group because of the wonderful foresight of our founder,” Boyd said. “Every Showgirl gets voted back into the group every year. It has become more like a sisterhood where we all care and love one another. If there is someone in the group that is just out for themselves and recognition, they don’t last long as we work as a team together and they get voted out quickly.”

The Showgirls will be hosting a community “Treasures and Tunes” event at the Mesquite Recreation Center on Sept. 11.

“This will be a fundraiser to help pay for rent for the rest of the year,”  Parsley said. “It’s going to be great.”

Other future planned events include: A Bingo Bash at the Elks Lodge on Oct. 9, and a “Denim and Diamonds” dinner dance on February 2022.

“It is a privilege to be a showgirl, and such an honor,” Parsley said. “I have to laugh because my husband always says ‘It’s not an event unless the showgirls are there’.”

The Showgirls are available to help any nonprofit or community event. They can be contacted at: Boyd (802) 699-9947 or scheduler Gail Laird (817) 807-3951.