By Humberto Sanchez/The Nevada Independent

As Rep.  (R-NV) decides whether to launch a bid for governor, he said this week that he will take into account the likelihood that his seat stays in GOP hands and the seniority he has earned in Congress, which could see him lead one of two spending panels should Republicans win back the majority next year.

Amodei also discussed a cancer scare that he said is now behind him.

He had spots removed from both kidneys and another removed from his larynx. All were caught early and treated over roughly nine months, Amodei said, adding that he is happy to be done with it.

Making the knock-on-wood gesture, he said he feels “very lucky” if this is his cancer story.

Amodei represents Congressional District 2, which the Cook Political Report gave a R+8 partisan voter index (PVI) rating for 2021. The PVI is used to measure the partisan intensity of a congressional district.

“That’s not obscene,” Amodei said of his district’s rating.

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