Sherman R. Frederick

Battle Born Media

When the state’s chief law enforcement officer — the attorney general — wears his politics on his sleeve, it erodes public confidence in his ability to enforce the law. 

Nothing clearer than the way AG Aaron Ford conducted himself during this election. He did everything but dress up in a cheerleader outfit and yell “sis-boom-bah.” 

Now comes the election and Nevada’s rules are in the spotlight. If fraud or something inappropriate took place, AG Ford has given Nevadans the general impression that he’d be the first person to know about it, and the last person to do anything about it. 


This is not a good look. 


Now look, AGs in Nevada are partisan positions. And the last two AGs in Nevada have made the position hyper partisan — Ford and Adam Laxalt. I understand that. 


I don’t want to get over my waders here. I don’t know if fraud occurred in Nevada. But there are reasonable suspicions about voting irregularities that need vetting. All I’m saying is that Ford took his partisanship rooting to such a level, it is now hard to have confidence that he’d prosecute a Democrat for election misbehavior. 


The guy who wrote these tweets now tells us to “rest assured” that “we have people here who know how to run fair, safe elections.” What if we don’t? Do we have an AG willing to do something about it? 


Here are just a few of the partisan tweets AG Ford posted in the run-up to the election.



American pollsters should just close up shop after their horrible performance in the last election. Yes, weirdness abounds in 2020, but it was only five minutes ago that they predicted a big blue anti-Trump wave. Biden was going to win going away, Democrats were going to gain House seats and take over the Senate.


None of that happened. One poll published in the Washington Post only one week before the election had Biden winning Wisconsin by 17 points. 17 points? How about 1.7 points. The Washington Post should seek a refund.



And with that, I’ll pick up my knitting and let myself out. If the election went your way, congratulations. If it didn’t, please back away from the ledge. Stay safe. Mask up.


Sherman R. Frederick is the founder of Battle Born Media, a journalist-based, family-owned company dedicated to the preservation of intensely local community newspapers, such as this one.  You can follow him for his daily musings on Facebook at He may be reached at