This past weekend came with a host of public warnings, along with cancellations and closings of large venues around the globe. The COVID 19 virus has been the main topic among news stations and media outlets; it’s considered an epidemic and is worrisome to most of us. For those that have compromised immune systems, the health scare becomes very real as it most likely can become a matter of life and death quickly. I have given this a lot of thought, as I am a cancer survivor with an auto-immune disease, along with other health concerns. In the beginning, I tried not to get overly stressed about this, but after looking at the … I am extremely concerned.

On my most recent travels, I was sure to have sanitizing wipes along to wipe down the entire seating area aboard the plane. On the cruise ship, I always sanitized my hands everywhere I went. What’s disturbing was…at the time (mid-February) there were those that barely washed their hands in the bathroom, and many that walked on by the hand sanitizer which was placed in the middle of the walk ways going into ALL their Dining Rooms, Theaters and other places where crowds gathered. I get upset thinking of how many people didn’t take this seriously. Its one thing to not care about your own health, but possibly infecting others because of carelessness and, or insensitive manners is another story. So now, we have mass crowds buying up all of the paper products and groceries off the store shelves as if it were an Armageddon; yes this is serious, but mass panic isn’t the way to handle it. People hoarding items are ludicrous, and this type of behavior seems to be spreading among the public, causing anxiety and fears; hence the empty shelves everywhere.

We should be focusing not only on ourselves, but to those who cannot get out to the stores, such as the elderly and disabled…those without means. If you know someone, please offer a hand to see if they have all of the essentials. Remember to practice KINDNESS, because so many are stressing, whether it’s health or financially related. We all need to be vigilant in keeping safe…regardless of where we are at the moment and what we are touching; paying particular attention to how we are feeling, we need to limit contact with others (social distancing), clean digital devices (phones, computers, etc.) and to be aware of door handles along with your cars steering wheel; sanitizing all you come in contact with; especially after being out in public places.

Take the time to CARE, show HUMAN KINDNESS and practice your best HYGIENE.

Make your week count.