The Mesquite Athletics and Leisure Service Department will be closing Jensen Dog park areas in sections for annual maintenance, repairs, and reseeding of the parks. Certain areas will not be available for public use. “We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause,” said Randy Laub, Parks Manager “these scheduled maintenance activities are essential and necessary to maintain a quality, clean and safe environment for our patrons and the animals.” We ask that the community please be patience in these matters and that the open areas are used responsibly and in accordance to the rules that are posted.

Day’s park areas will be closed:

Large Dog Park, (Closed) March 2 – (Open) March 30

Dog Run, (Closed) March 30 – (Open) April 27

Small Dog Park, (Closed) April 27 – (Open) May 22


(Please see that each of these parks will be closed for at least 4 weeks so we can try to grow good ground cover at each location)


Please be aware of the following areas stated in the press release will be open to the public during the annual maintenance and as we rotate areas. We do ask that all owners of animals be responsible and use the areas that are open to the public in accordance to all the rules of the parks.


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