I was asked by a concerned resident to address the issue of illegal right turns at Pioneer and Turtleback.  We recently installed traffic lights at that intersection and it has helped traffic flow considerably.

Some months ago, residents who live off of Turtleback were very concerned that many drivers were using the bike lane as a lane of traffic and cutting off other drivers who need extra room to negotiate the tight turn.

The rule of the road is to not turn into the lane more than 100 feet from the corner. With Primex just up the road, the intersection sees many large trucks making the turn.

They need extra space.

In discussing this with our traffic engineer, we decided that painting angled lines would serve the purpose. It was not enough, and the city put up a do not turn sign from the lane sign.

It works for some, but many ignore it and turn anyway, often without even stopping for the red light.

Mesquite is growing and traffic is also.

With more traffic we see more accidents. I can only ask that every one of us obey the traffic laws. I don’t enforce them, but it’s my duty to follow them.

I’m out every day and observe speeding in school zones, not using your signals, not stopping or even slowing down at red lights when making right turns, driving long distances in bike lanes, etc.

We don’t live in a police state. We hope traffic laws are obeyed. Our police are not out to just write tickets to boost our revenues.

All I can ask those of you that are in such a hurry is to slow down a bit, get off your phone, don’t each lunch or put on your makeup while driving, and be a little more considerate of others.

As I said before, we are growing. There are a lot more vehicles on our streets.

Allan Litman is mayor of the City of Mesquite.