Feb. 13, 1914, Bunkerville, NV:  The Hughes and Guearo store building will soon be ready to move into.  A post office building is being built by them adjoining the store.

Feb. 14, 1911, Littlefield, AZ:  We are entirely cut off from our northern mail for about two weeks on account of the railroad being wash out.  We wish the old route could be established again, through St. George.

Feb. 16, 1912, Bunkerville, NV: 11 Edward Knights baby has been very sick with a carbuncle under its arm but is much better.

Feb. 17, 1900, Littlefield, AZ:  The prolonged drought is sending a number of our northern neighbors down here on the Rio Virgen, where water is plentiful, land fertile, and settlers needed.  It is an ill wind that blows no good.

Feb. 18, 1916:  The men have completed the dam and have the water in the ditch.  The fruit trees are in bloom.

Feb. 18, 1918, Littlefield, AZ:  Mrs. Dora Iverson came in on the stage from Bunkerville, where she has been visiting for some time.

Feb. 19, 1916, Bunkerville, NV:  All men and teams in town are working on the dam and ditch.