Feb. 7, 1914, Bunkerville, NV:  A traveling picture-show company entertained the townspeople Thursday evening.

Feb. 7, 1920,  Bunkerville, NV:  A suggestion that the proposed new bridge over the Virgin river between Bunkerville and Mesquite be named the “Woodruff Perkins Bridge”, after the first Clark county boy to give his life in the World War, was taken under advisement pending further information.

Feb. 8, 1913, Bunkerville, NV:  The resignation of E. Albert Bunker, JR., as constable at Bunkerville, was accepted, no one being appointed to fill the vacancy.  The sheriff was instructed to have the jail connected with the sewer.

Feb. 9, 1912:  Frank S. Leavitt was badly hurt while trying to put a halter on a young horse.  He was found lying unconscious upon the corral floor by his son Sam.  He is much better now and can get around alright.

Feb. 10, 1900, Littlefield, AZ:  Angus Cannon and Joseph Cunningham of St. George have been looking for copper in the mountains east of here.  “Eureka” did not shine on their faces as they started for home.

Feb. 12, 1923, Littlefield, AZ:  The Littlefield post office has been moved to Henry Frehner’s.