Are we headed for a civil war? Some might even say we are already in the first phase of a civil war. The first visual sign of the conflict is the separation of the two political parties here in the United States. One party seems to want little to no government interference and freedom to do what they want. The other party believes government is the solution to all problems it only needs more power to control.

The Republicans for years have had a standoff approach to government, wanting less government regulations and a much smaller government overall. The right to be left alone with the right to choose what you want, not what the government wants to provide for you. To live your life the way you want without hurting others. Since their objections to government control they did not play the politics game of getting control, they just let things cruise along.

The Democratic side wants to tell you how to live your life. Power over all aspects of living in our country. They offer the siren song of free stuff, free college, free health care and even guaranteed jobs if you even want one. This all sounds good to those who have very little and even those working at the bottom of the wage scale. Many of those are the same that support communism and socialism. It sounds so good, that I can have everything I want and not have to work to get it. Someone else will provide it for me.

The funny thing is that the leaders of this group are rich and they think they are smarter than the rest of the people. They come from the best schools which teach them that they are to be the leaders. Their whole life has been one of privilege with people telling them how smart they are. They can make the decisions for the masses yet they do not have to live among them. They do not even have to live like them as they are the chosen ones. Their support comes from each other and those who want what they are offering for their votes. They mostly live in walled off estates surrounded by security so they do not even need to protect themselves.

The other group used to have leaders that protected the rights of the people but those leaders too, got sucked into the belief that they were the chosen ones, until along come an outsider. Although he attended the best schools he was not like the chosen ones. He actually worked at building something, even mingled with the construction workers. He was not a politician, but a real working person. He was what they call a populist, a person of the people but not a regular political person.

Because he was not one of the elite class, it was more like an infection and they needed to get rid of him. They investigated him, his family and everyone around him, nothing. New plan, impeachment! Good idea but what is the case for impeachment? Anything, nothing, it does not matter to them. They cannot trust the people again; they must take action before it’s too late.

This all seems like the first step of a civil war, first disenfranchise the peoples vote and next they will need to disarm the rabble so they cannot resist.