Many calls that the Police Department receives are not always included in the blotter, as they are under investigation or a synopsis is not received. To show the amount of work our PD does do, we are including a weekly roster of stats. There were 295 calls this week:

Abuse/Neglect 1
Agency assistance 7
Alarm 9
Animal complaint 1
Animal pick up 1
Attempt to locate 1
Battery on person 3
Burglary 1
Business alert 3
Citizen assists 6
Civil matter 2
Controlled substance problem 3
Dead body 1
Domestic violence 8
Evidence release 4
Fingerprints 24
Found property 1
Handicap parking warning 1
Hit & Run 2
Impounded vehicle 1
Intoxicated person 2
K9 search 6
Lost property 5
Mental person 1
Minor gambling 1
Miscellaneous CAD call record 23
Noise disturbance 4
Non-LEO incident 4
Nuisance or minor disturbance 3
Parking problem 3
Past disturbance 3
Person on foot 10
Property damage, non-vandalism 3
Reckless driver 6
Records dissemination 12
Scope/General background required 2
Search warrant 2
Sex offender verification 2
Sexual assault 1
SRO related activity 5
Stolen vehicle 1
Subpoena 3
Suspicious person 21
Suspicious vehicle 16
Threatening 1
Theft   4
Theft from vehicle 4
Threatening 3
TPO/Restraining order 2
traffic accident w/injuries 1
Traffic accident w/o injury 4
Traffic problem 3
Traffic stop 10
Traffic violation 1
Transport 3
Trespassing 2
Unknown problem 7
Vacation check 1
Verbal disturbance 1
VIN number inspection 11
Wanted person 2
Weapon offense 2
Welfare check 5

Jan. 19:

Agency Assistance: Officers assisted in locating a male adult who made comments to commit suicide. Officers located the male and he was transported to the hospital for a mental health evaluation.Suspicious Person: detectives received information about a possible fraud.  After concluding their investigation, it was determined a fraud did not occur.


Jan. 20:Traffic accident W/O injury: Officers responded to a vehicle accident where two vehicles were involved. No injuries were reported, and one subject was later issued a citation.Agency Assistance: Officers responded to the courthouse and took a courtesy report for another law enforcement agency.Property Damage, Non-Vandalism: Officers responded to a beauty salon and took a report of property damage.Mental Person: A report was completed for a missing elderly male. The male was located safe a short time later.Domestic Violence: Officers responded to a report of domestic violence outside of a residence on Condor St. Upon arrival the Officer observed a group of individuals standing out in the street arguing. They dispersed and ceased arguing when the officer arrived.  The argument had stemmed from a young couple, a boyfriend and girlfriend who have a child in common fighting amongst themselves, and getting their families involved. The argument between the families was only verbal. However, furtherinvestigation shows the fight was physical between the boyfriend and hisgirlfriend. The boyfriend showed to have an outstanding warrant out of Mesquite Municipal court. The boyfriend was arrested on the outstanding warrant and additional domestic battery charges.Minor Gambling: Two adult males were cited and released for minor gambling under the age of 21years.


Jan. 21:Traffic Violation: Officers responded to a traffic offense involving a vehicle disregarding a crossing guard. The investigation is ongoing.Dead Body: Officers responded to a residence and located a deceased female adult.Traffic Stop: Officers stopped a vehicle for multiple traffic violations. The adult male driver was arrested on an active warrant.Lost Property: Officer completed a lost property report.Property Damage, Non-Vandalism: Officer responded to take a report for property damage.


Jan. 22:Person on Foot: Officer located an adult female with a bench warrant. The female was taken into custody for the warrant.Theft: Officers took a report in reference to a package that was stolen from the victim’s porch.Traffic accident W/O injury: Officers took a report for a traffic accident involving 2 vehicles.Lost Property: Officers completed a lost property report.Miscellaneous CAD Call Record: Officers took a report of a civil matter between a homeowner and his roommate.Lost Property: Officer completed a lost property report.Hit & Run: Officers completed a report in reference to a hit and run.Theft from Vehicle: Officers responded to a business in reference to a theft from vehicle.Theft from Vehicle: Officer completed a theft from vehicle report.Domestic Violence: Officers responded to a Domestic in progress. Information was gathered for an initial report.


Jan. 23:Lost Property: Officers completed a report in reference to lost property.Suspicious Person: Officer completed a report of suspicious activity.Controlled Substance Problem: Officers responded to a verbal dispute. One adult male was later arrested for possession of a controlled substance.Burglary: Officers responded to a local residence on a burglary call. Information was gathered for an initial report.Battery on Person: Officers responded to a business and took a report of a battery which occurred at a residence. The suspect is unknown currently. The investigation is on-going.


Jan. 24:Trespassing: An officer was dispatched to a local casino, in reference to a trespass.  An adult male subject was arrested for trespassing and resisting a public officer.Sexual Assault: Took a report of an alleged sexual assault that occurred in 2019.Wanted Person: Mesquite Detectives contacted a male adult who had a warrant. During the investigation three adults were arrested for possession of narcotics.Theft from Vehicle: Officers responded to a local address. Information was gathered for an initial report.  Person on Foot: Officers patrolling Mesquite made contact with a male and arrested him, for sexoffender failing to register.


Jan. 25:Traffic Stop: An officer stopped a vehicle for a traffic offense.  The driver, an adult male subject, was taken into custody for DUI-Alcohol (1st offense), failure to maintain travel lane and driving without a valid driver license.Property Damage, Non-Vandalism: Officers responded to a call of property damage, one female was cited for damaging the property of another between $25-$250.Found Property: Officer completed a report in reference to found property.Battery on Person: Officers took a report of a battery that occurred between three juvenile females at a local park.Traffic Stop: Officers conducted a traffic stop which lead to the arrest of one adult male for DUI (1st).Suspicious Person: Officers responded to a local business on a reported suspicious call. Information was gathered for initial report.Theft: An officer took a report of from a female alleging theft. The allegation was unfounded. The female was unable to be located for follow up investigation.Intoxicated Person: Officers responded to an intoxicated person. One male was cited and released to a responsible party.