What better way to spend giving thanks than with your friends, neighbors and other community members than at the Community Thanksgiving Dinner hosted by the City of Mesquite Department of Athletics and Leisure Services.

Thousands of thankful Mesquite community members thought the same thing and senior center staff and volunteers were kept busy for hours serving each one of them a feast and a smile.

City Council members, police officers and their family members were among the first volunteers to begin serving the guests.

Mayor Al Litman was at the front door greeting each one as they entered while City Clerk, Tracy Beck checked off some names. Phyllis Litman, the mayor’s wife, and several other volunteers manned the other door, welcoming guests into the back-dining area and seats filled up fast.

The day before Thanksgiving was a warm and festive day at the Mesquite Senior Center. Krissy Woods Thornton extends her deepest appreciation to the staff and volunteers who spent countless hours cooking, baking and serving the community. “It’s truly a blessing when you see friends and neighbors all gathered together in celebration and to give thanks for the blessings of this wonderful community,” Thornton said. “It really warms the heart and reminds you of what and who is important in life.”