Nov. 29, 1918: The board of county commissioners met in an adjourned regular session Wednesday last with Chairman E.E. Smith and member J.R. Egger present, with District attorney Stehuene and Clerk Harley Harmon assisting. The board made an order authorizing the sale of $20,000 bonds voted by the Mesquite District for purchase and construction of a water system. The matter of petition of landowners of Bunkerville and Mesquite for the formation of an irrigation district was taken up. The petition having been filed as required by law and no protests having been received the board ordered that the petition be granted and set the date for election of the directors for Monday, December 22, 1919


Dec. 1 1919: “The Herald Wrong”  Under the date November26, 1919 a tourist table appeared in the Salt Lake Herald in which it stated that the number of Auto tourists entering Utah over the various highways for the first ten months of the year,1919 was as follows: Lincoln Highway 8820, Pikes Peak Highway 5592, Midland Trail 2572, Yellowstone Highway 6896, Evergreen Highway1828,Arrowhead Trail (became Highway91) 1244.  We have no way of checking these figures as regards the named highways other than the Arrowhead Trail, but we wish to call the attention of the Herald to the following monthly report checked on the Arrowhead Trail at the Virgin River, Between Mesquite and Bunkerville. (The article then gives the monthly totals) total of 4952 cars towed. The above total is less than the actual number because it represents only the number towed and during low water periods many cars crossed the ford without team aid. According to the article in “The Herald” above quoted but 1244 cars used the Arrowhead Trail for the first ten months of the year. The actual number of identified cars was at least 4224. Assuming that each car held 3 people we find that 12,672 tourists traveled through Utah on the Arrowhead Trail.


Dec. 4, 1915:  An appropriation of $60,000 has been made to finish the auto road between here and Las Vegas and build a bridge between here (Bunkerville) and Mesquite. Work will commence soon. (The Bridge was completed in 1921)

Work has commenced on the new High school. It is to be completed in 75 days and will be built across the street west of the district school building.