Many of our newly elected and even some tenured democrats seem to be driven more by hatred, prejudice, and rage than any consideration of working for the common good. They want to bring down the President regardless of the facts or his accomplishments. Over the last 60 years the political divide has deepened with Democrats clustering in cities and suburbs and Republicans living in rural areas.

Whether the American political system today can endure without fracturing further will depend on the choices of the voters. Today the GOP appeals primarily to white Christian and rural populations where the democratic party appeals to the cities’ populations. If the GOP is to survive it must be more inclusive and reach out to the new emerging groups. The GOP will find the most effective way to protect the things they cherish is inviting newcomers into the party. Our history shows us that parties discovered they could thrive in the political arena by reaching out to others. The American system worked.

In the past, the majority of the country’s residents were white Christians. That has changed and soon those newcomers will be able to vote. These new voters will set the stage for America of the future. Some of these voters are now actively engaged in the political process and their influences are being felt. Unfortunately, some of those are very radical and suggest that we pull down our form of government.

These radicals are only interested in destroying the democracy and destroying Trump. Violence seems to be rising as a result of radical political rhetoric. Political protests by extremist groups have turned violent in many cities. Some of the most horrific political events of the 20th century was carried out by this kind of radicals. In the 1930s, the most catastrophic collapse of a democracy occurred, in Germany, where center-right parties faltered and democracy collapsed.

The GOP must reach out to these new groups and welcome them into its coalition. Conservative ideas can hold their own against progressivism, it can win converts to its principles and ideas. The single greatest threat to our democracy is the fears that the new power group will destroy those things we hold dear. Then some will fight to preserve what it has. An example is today when the democratic party is trying to undue an election, whatever the cost.

After Romney’s defeat in the presidential election of 2012, the Republican National Committee decided that if it was to survive it must reach out to Hispanic, Asian, Pacific Islanders, African Americans, Indian Americans, Native Americans, women, and youth. Those groups account for almost three quarters of the vote cast in 2012.

The conservatives believes in continuity, traditions and family to provide a strong foundation that can appeal to these groups. America is country of constant change and a nation of strong communities. By accepting these immigrants and new voters by inviting them to subscribe to the country’s founding ideals, the party will survive and prosper. Each new wave of immigration to the United States has altered its culture and yet the immigrants themselves have embraced these ideas and all became more American in the process.

The stakes in this battle for the hearts and minds of these growing groups are vital to preserving the American way of life. If these new voters and existing voters can be convinced that the GOP’s beliefs can provide them a way up through our society, a way of life that can be better for themselves and their children then that way of life will endure, if not, then redistribution of wealth will occur and capitalism will die with our republic.