Let’s start with spandex clothing, like the ‘infamous’ black workout pants everyone seems to own. No matter where you go in a day, one can’t help but notice the woman in the skin tight spandex workout pants with no underwear roaming around in public places. I’m not sure what to make of it, but I know I couldn’t dress like that. It’s comfortable clothing, but to look like you rolled out of bed and forgot to put under garments on…well, there are no words for that; and some types of clothing just isn’t made for everyone.

No matter what time of year it might be, everyone’s wardrobe has ‘comfy go-to’ clothing they like to wear. Usually, it’s a casual kind of clothing worn for running around in, however…spandex and Lycra seem to be in almost every kind of garments (pants) these days; that is…in what they call casual or sportswear. One of the most popular locations to spot people wearing just about anything or nothing is Wal-Mart. I don’t know what it is or how people got this way, but the lack of under garments worn with spandex clothing almost feels like a movement, doesn’t it? Why do people of larger proportions insist on wearing these kinds of garments in the public eye instead of the gym, because initially that’s what the spandex sportswear was intended for; easier movement in workout clothing. It seems a lot of people went from wearing baggy sweatpants to the tight forming spandex/lycra pants, not to mention forgoing underwear then; and by the way…I don’t call that piece of dental floss some women wear actual underwear. I’m sure you’ve all spotted those at one time or another on a woman. On one of my recent Wal-Mart trips I spotted a middle aged woman wearing a pair of washed out ‘white’ sweatpants (see through), with hot pink thong (dental floss) underwear that didn’t cover a thing, if you know what I mean. What are some of these people thinking when they wear this in public? She was no Victoria Secret model roaming around. I’m not saying it’s wrong to wear whatever you want, but there are families shopping with small children and it just doesn’t seem proper to be wearing this kind of attire for the world to see, so wearing it around your home would be the likely place to sport it.

Since I’ve seen over half the women today sporting some type of spandex, I wondered what the intentions were by the popular maker of this synthetic fabric. The popularity came about in the 1990’s for younger women. It began with their leggings, and women loved sporting those with baggy t-shirts over them. Originally the tradename for spandex was known as Lycra and introduced by the American Chemical Company DuPont in 1959. As this company stated “it puts the stretch in workout wear.’ This fabric has no restrictions, as it can stretch as much as 600 percent and bounce right back to size. The invention of this kind of fabric was genius, indeed.  The fashion world embraced it and is now one of its most coveted fibers used, due to comfort and its wrinkle resistance when added with other fabrics. It’s here to stay, but not everyone should be wearing this type of garment, nor does everyone like it, yet you’ll find it in almost everything today. Regardless of what’s in your wardrobe, I say…“be smart and dress smart.”

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