Crazy Bones family could be seen splish-splashing in the tub on Friday Oct. 18 obviously getting ready for the big wedding on Saturday, Oct. 19. Photos by Teri Nehrenz

Keri Leavitt and her family have visitors every October and from the looks of some of their pets, it’s a pretty good guess that they are one of the original settling families of the Virgin Valley.

The Crazy Bones family has no qualms about being transparent, living their lives in front of the entire community on the Leavitt’s front lawn.

The Leavitt’s don’t mind the company, they love Halloween and all the visitors their otherworldly friends bring around.

On Friday, Oct. 18 the Crazy Bones family spent the day splish-splashing in the bath. It took them the entire day to prep for the wedding they were part of on Saturday, Oct. 19. The wedding obviously wore them out because all they could do on Sunday afternoon was laze around the yard with a couple of diet cokes; not that they need to diet, they’re already thin as can be.

Leavitt says that she gets her ideas for the Crazy Bones family antics on Pinterest, other online sources or they mimic whatever the Leavitt’s may have going on. The Leavitt’s attended a wedding themselves on Saturday; the Crazy Bones family wasn’t invited so they held their own.

Crazy Bones family was attending the big wedding on Saturday, Oct. 19 . Photos by Teri Nehrenz

The Crazy Bones family gets a head start to the next day when Leavitt and her daughter change the scenes each night about 9 p.m.

The Bones have been seen doing chores, taking a leisurely drive in the car, riding a quad, chasing the dogs, camping and singing around the campfire; they do make sure to keep the noise down, so they don’t disturb the neighbors.

The wedding the Crazy Bones family attended on Saturday Oct. 19, apparently wore them out because on Sunday, Oct. 20, all they could do was lay around the front yard drinking diet coke. Photos by Teri Nehrenz

You can follow the Crazy Bones family on Instagram, they’re a bit cyber challenged so the Leavitt’s help them out a bit with keeping up the account. They are also the subject of many Mesquite resident’s photos on Facebook; friends and neighbors love to see what they’re up to.

You can find the Bones family by searching ‘Crazyboneyard’ on Instagram or you can just drive by North Arrowhead, close to Old Mill Rd. and see for yourself; but hurry, they’ll be going home right after Halloween.