Interior design is not a thing that I think I do well. My house is comfy, don’t get me wrong. I
mean there are chairs a couch and beds and stools and stuff to trip over on the
floor. Oh, there’s that jack I dropped when I thought I was 12 again! YIKERS!
You felt it too didn’t you?  I do not like lamps however and it shows in my home. Well it would show in my home if
there were lamps to light up the rooms. Lamps and I just have never seen eye to
eye. To me they are kind of like milk that may or may not be sour in the
refrigerator. As long as it just sits there it looks alright but as soon as you
need it you realize there is just something about it that isn’t quite right.

Even though lamps are not my forte’ I think I excel in one area of home décor. Wall stuff. Yes,
the stuff hanging on the walls. A wall can say a ton of things about you. I
don’t have expensive things on my walls. I don’t have expensive things at all.
I have fun things. Like I have a buoy from a lobster boat that I got in Maine.
Why? Because when I see it I can say lobsta and butta like a real Mainer. Is
that important? Aye, capt’n, it is if you’ve ever eaten lobsta and butta under
a full moon on a beach at a clam and lobsta bake in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. Yes
that’s the kind of stuff I have on my walls.

I like to look at the things people have on their walls too. I don’t have family pictures
prominently displayed on my walls. But! Yes a picture perfect, “but.” HAHA But
I like to see family and friends in pictures in homes. They really add depth to
a home. When there is a family picture on display I smile at the faces all
shined up and perfectly set. My family took one, yes just one family picture.
Before any of us kids were married, but old enough to be young adults and my
parents were still kind of young. When I look at it us kids are all trying not
to laugh at the fact that someone had—well let one go just as the picture was
about to be taken. Now that’s a family picture I treasure.

Art on the wall is nice too. There is not one ounce of artistic talent on my palette of life. For
me art is the act of me trying to walk and chew gum at the same time. Art on
the wall is as they say, “Very subjective.” La-de-da. I love the few paintings
I have from a grand friend. Then there are the Trina pieces of “art.” Not to
brag, but I have three cute round and happy fish made of wicker on the wall in
the bathroom that have been there for nigh onto thirty years. I keep thinking I
should paint the bathroom, but then I would have to take down the fish and that
leads to the distinct possibility that they would not survive the swim downstream
off the wall and then back upstream to be reattached. Would leave scales with
assorted fish parts all over the floor, and that would be a stinking mess and
shame. So no, no I have not painted in there-ever.

The last type of art is of course the wall plaques. Over the years I have, as I bet you have,
acquired a plethora (I love that word!) of wonderful insightful wall things.
Just when you think you have read everything there could ever be said that
would make you laugh, cry, sigh or just walk away shaking your head, something
new is put on glass or paper or rock or wood or metal. Now these I can get
into. In the past inspiration is what has kept my fingernails hanging onto the
ledge more than once. You too? That’s not a bad thing. Two terrific friends
sent me the most substantial one in recent memory. It has an arrow chiseled in
sandstone and it reads, “Don’t look back. You’re not going that way.” I agree.
Look towards the sun and the Son and you will always have light in your eyes.

Trina lives in Eureka, Nevada. Find her on Facebook, Instagram and at