While the raw numbers may look pretty bad, the value of building permits issued by the Building Department in September isn’t that awful when compared to a year ago.

The city issued 126 permits in September valued at $5.357 million. Last September, 123 permits valued at $13.801 million were issued. One permit though skewed last year’s value when Mesa Valley Assisted Living Center took out its building permit valued at $6.965 million. Take that out and it brings last year’s total valuation down to $6.836 million.

Through the first nine months of 2019, the city has issued 1,344 permits valued at $64.700 million. At this point last year, 1,210 permits had been issued with a total valuation of $76.334 million.

Sixteen permits for new single-family residences were issued last month valued at $3.595 million. Last year, 26 permits were issued valued at $5.560 million.

The drop in the number of permits was led by Pulte Homes of Nevada who only took five permits. That’s down from last year’s 14 permits.

Nevada Residential Construction took out three permits, Meadowland Enterprises took two permits, and LHSC took out two permits. White Rock Development, Catamount Development, Maves Construction, and Sounrc each took out one permit.

The most expensive single family home permit was valued at $338,052 while the lowest valued permit was $153,972.

Residential modification permits rose to 16 this year valued at $147,161 from last year’s eight valued at $48,127.

The city issued three commercial modification permits valued at $932,268. In September 2018, the city issued four permits in this category valued at $164,467.

One permit for a new commercial building was issued valued at $243,200.

The city issued seven new business permits compared to last year’s four.

The number of permits for block walls fell to 10 this September compared to 13 last year. Last year those permits were valued at $762,473 while this year the value came in at $36,310.

The number of permits for swimming pools dropped to seven. Last year nine permits were issued in this category.

One grading permit was issued by the city, the same as last year.

No demolition permits were issued in either year.