What is this all about, it’s about the President of the United States asking The President of Ukraine to investigate the actions of a former Vice President. Most believe that the job of the President is to ensure that the rule of law is followed. Consequently, President Trump asked the President of Ukraine to look into a former V.P. using his office and our money to protect his son’s seat on the board of a big gas company in that foreign country.

Because of his action, the Democrats have filed serious charges against the president. They claim that he used a quid pro quo on military aid in order to persuade Ukraine to open an investigation into the use of undue influence to protect the former V.P. Biden son’s position on the board of a foreign corporation.

That premise was: that if the Ukraine government comes up with something that hurts Biden’s chances as a candidate for President, they will get military aid. They were scheduled to receive about $400 million in aid from us but that had been previously held up in an attempt to get more NATO countries to give the military aid they promised.

We had a lot of new evidence in this case last week from the Ukraine front, text messages were given to Congress by Kurt Volker, our special envoy to Ukraine. He also gave them an 11-page witness statement. Kurt Volker has been face to face with all the key players and he has been described even by Trump critics as an “Honest Broker” so let’s look a little closer at what we did say.

Kurt Volker said on page 3 of his statement: “At no time was I aware of or took part in an effort to urge Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Biden. As you will see from the extensive text messages, I am providing, which convey a sense of real-time dialogue with several different actors, Vice President Biden was never a topic of discussion.”

He also said later in his statement that: “I received a general readout via our charge and my own State Dept. staffer, as well as from Mr. Yermak, (One of President Zelensky’s advisers). He said it was a good, congratulatory call, that they discussed the importance of fighting corruption and promoting reform in Ukraine, and that President Trump reiterated his invitation to President Zelensky to visit the White House.”

That testimony backs up the President position but, now a second Whistleblower has come forth apparently confirming the first Whistleblower statements. This is a very convenient development because it tends to reinforce the first complaint. Yet this second person is most likely the source of the informant that the first whistleblower had. This is a common technique and it is called a feedback loop where one backs up the other, (An old CIA trick). It is not new information but an attempt to give credibly to each other.

Even more importantly last week we had new confirmation. Hillary Clinton said: “He knows he’s an illegitimate president.” Not sure how she got that information but she is sure it is true. It does indicate that the Democratic Party wants to remove this democratically-elected president by non-democratic means, regardless of the evidence. It was so helpful that Hillary confirmed that last week, so much for their many lectures on democracy and support for the rule of law. What she is proposing is called a Coup ďé-tat, the forcible over throw of a duly elected government.

There is a treated between the two countries that provides for help is enforcing the rule of law. A former V.P. using his office and our money to give his son a seat on the board of a foreign company which he has undeniably no qualificators that position and is paid the princely sum of $50,000 a month seems a little like “stop investigating the company where my son has a seat on the board and I’ll give you $1 Billion of the tax payers money.

Not surprising, jobs for relatives and big campaign donations are the norm for the ruling class. Even Nancy Pelosi took money from Ukraine lobbyists and we all remember the wonderful job Chelsea Clinton got right out of school. But the problem is when these gifts become a little too obvious like in the Biden case.

Yet the tale goes on, a little help for a son that was just kicked out of the Navy for drug use and now is out of work, maybe a seat on a board of Directors and $50,000 a month doesn’t sound too bad, but let’s see if there is more green out there, China was the next stop for Air Force 2. Trump is just trying to expose the little game they have and some do not like the light of day shining on their game it is a little embarrassing. But, to most people a billion in taxpayer dollars does not seem like a little game and $50,000 a month is more than many make in a year.

What’s not right about the President using policy to push for an investigation if the motivation is to support the rule of law? The other side’s position is if you committed a crime claim you’re running for political office and your home free. That is as long as you are not Donald Trump.

These people are deliberately misleading you; it is O.K. for them to get dirt on Trump but if they are running for office, they become untouchable. Their hate for Trump has destroyed their ethics and judgment. Their hate consumes them and they forget the people who elected them.