Loss of any kind can be a difficult thing to deal with, but some believe that the loss of a pet is as hard or harder…as losing a loved one. Cats and dogs are the most common when referring to pets, however…dogs have been living with humans for over 10,000 years, and will continue to bond with their owners in the same peculiar way that humans interact and do the same with one another.

Some experts believe that the human relationship with a dog can be more satisfying than with another because of their unconditional love, which creates a bond that can become nearly inseparable for some. This relationship provides positive feedback, from dog to owner, as it begins to grow between the two. For many, the dog becomes a soul companion, which supplies endless love, joy and comfort to their owner(s); making it extremely difficult when the dog’s life ends. After such a loss, when daily schedules change for the bereaved, it now becomes a stressful situation, as it can leave one feeling lonely and depressed.

Pets can often bring out behaviors of their owners that some people may never see; observing our weaknesses and strengths, along with an entire range of emotions through our lives. Our pets offer comfort and support to us, while giving us a sense of stability in our lives. Such a loss can leave us feeling overwhelmed and, or empty, as routines come to a stop. Often after the passing of a pet, one begins to question their actions…’did I do enough for them? Maybe if I noticed sooner that they weren’t well they’d still be here.’ The excruciating pain of guilt…such comments can intensify your feelings of doom and gloom, punishing ourselves into a dark world of depression. Mourning the loss is no different than that of a loved one; it’s highly emotional.

Healthy grieving has no time limit for the pets’ owner; everyone deals with loss differently and in their own timeframe. It is a matter of getting through this period, as owners will never forget their beloved furry friend(s). Memorializing is sometimes done to help with the grieving process, as well as giving them a permanent place to remain if chosen a pet cemetery or other personal place or space; but will always leave their paw prints on your heart. There is no set time for a person to grieve such a loss.

Recently, my daughter and I lost our beloved pet; a miniature (blue dapple) dachshund, only 8 and a half yrs. old and my heart completely crushed! Her name was Molly, and as I sit here writing, the tears keep flowing, she gave me great joy and I miss her every single day. The pain I feel is like no other, and my daughters’ pain is worse. Molly taught me that an animals love and loyalty is ever so special; I called her my little person, and Pooky Bear. There is an emptiness in the house, and I’m wondering how long this will all take before I can mention her name without tears…I do not know. Every time I go by the park, my memories of her happiness engulf my inner soul, as I see her running through the grass, her ears flopping in the breeze. The loss is painful, but I trust I will see her in Heaven. Losing loved ones, including pets…can be a traumatic experience for anyone, but there is help out there to get through it all. One place with an excellent source of information is www.healgrief.org , and … https://www.helpguide.org/articles/grief/coping-with-losing-a-pet.htm because sometimes…it’s just plain hard to get through it alone. Love truly is…the greatest gift of all.

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