October 3, 1921: A.L. Woodhouse, Pres of Dixie Power Co. was here a few days ago. He talked favorably of running a power line here to light up our town also for other things, which will be greatly appreciated.

October3, 1922: Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Hardy and little daughter Vonda returned a few days ago from Arden after spending three weeks with their sons and daughter, Mrs. Wm Pulsipher.

October 6, 1915: Mrs. Emma Houston and Mrs. Mary Haws of Mesquite Nv are visiting friends and family in Gunlock.

October 8, 1921: The M.I.A (Mutual Improvement Assoc) gave a party last night for the gathering of 25c and 10c fund and beginning of the M.I.A. work. They played games and danced, served ice cream and cake and had a very good time.

Threshing is all done. Lucene seed and other crops are good this year.

Water is out of the ditch and part of the dam gone on account of recent floods.

October 9, 1916: It was “Mill Day” at Mesquite celebration of the completion of the roller mill. All the high school and a good portion of the people of Bunkerville went over to attend the celebration. They had prepared two beef and ate bread made from flour ground at the mill. A program was prepared, and all meet at the schoolhouse and while there the largest flood ever known came down the river took part of the auto road out and did considerable damage to land.  The celebration ended with a dance and those from Bunkerville unable to go home until the middle of the next day.