The Robots are coming, for your job, and for everyone else’s for that matter. We have not been watching closely enough but the robots are taking over all the low skill jobs and even some that are high skilled like cooking and teaching.

Just look at McDonalds and other fast food restaurants, there are kiosks everywhere. Some even have the kiosk send the order to a computer which tells the robots to put on your burger, and that is only in the restaurant industry.

Packages delivered by drones, orders pulled by robots, packed
and labeled, then shipped to a drone. Where are the people? They are hardly needed anymore and just think what the next few years will bring.

Where are the low skilled entry level jobs and where are any jobs?
By 2030 it has been estimated that over 10 million jobs will just disappear. Where will the youngsters start and even those who are trying to get a new start?

Unfortunately, the government is encouraging this through tax incentives. But what they don’t seem to understand is the loss of taxes from the now unemployed, who must go on welfare because there are no jobs to be had. Oh, I’m sure you know that robots do not pay taxes of any kind. Not good for Social Security, unemployment insurance, Medicare or income taxes.

We must raise the hue and cry throughout the land. We must tell our friends not about climate change but about the robots who are coming for our jobs. Call for a shorter work week. China will not have jobs the robots will. And our children and grandchildren will also have a tough time. Maybe the only jobs will be oiling and maintaining the robots.

Who will pay the bills? What to do? We must shrink the work week and consider removing the tax insensitive to install robots. Additionally, consider a robot tax and that will be the tough one. We want to encourage automation and improve productivity but it is also a money problem. The government needs our money to run our country. What will they do, just print money until it is worthless?