Sept. 1916: A rough road between Los Angeles and Salt lake City Utah was finished. The Arrowhead Trail.

Sept. 4, 1917: Harmon Wittwer of Bunkerville is  visiting family and doing some business in Santa Clara UT.

Sept. 6 1912: The Telephone line was completed ten miles into desert north of Littlefield  Hubert Leavitt expects to say hello to central St. George by the 1st of October

Sept. 8, 1917: Las Vegas Age: District Court will sit on Sept. 18.  Fifty men are summoned for jurors in matters to come up for trial. The September term of the district Court in Clark County has been set by judge Horsey to begin September 18. Fifty men have been summoned by Sheriff Gay to appear at ten o’clock of that day to serve as trial jurors. From the Virgin Valley are Washington Leavitt, (Bunkerville), William Leavitt, (Bunkerville), W.C. Bowman, (Bunkerville) William E Abbott (Mesquite) Willard Leavitt (Mesquite), James E Hughes (Mesquite) J.N. Hunt (Bunkerville) Harmon Wittwer (Bunkerville) Wm B Hughes (Mesquite) Carlos Knight (Mesquite)

Sept. 10, 1915: Last Friday night a number of young folks went to Bunkerville for a dance. During the dance a large flood came down the river and they were compelled to remain in the schoolhouse all night until it got light enough to cross the flood.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hafen are going to give a wedding dance tomorrow night at Bunkerville.

Elder William Leavitt returned yesterday from the New Zealand mission field.

Sept. 10, 1916: First automobile group leaves LA for a round-trip to Salt Lake City and back.