Some people complain about our President. They complain about his tweets which tell his side of the story. Some of his tweets are right on and some may need a little revision. But I don’t care, because he would never get his side of the story out if he had to depend on the regular news.

Some complain about his language but that is the way lots of us speak. He does not speak like some of the erudite people we hear on the news. Yet he graduated from one of the best business schools in the nation. But it is true he does not speak the language of the elite colleges but I do not care. He speaks not to impress but to communicate with the people.

Some of his language is a little crude but I hear all that in board rooms and in locker rooms and some of that was 20 or 30 years ago, who cares. But something I do care about is his and his daughter’s work to improve the status of women in the work place and through society. The result is the lowest unemployment rate, in history. Not bad for someone who degrades women, in some people opinion, but I don’t care about their opinion anyway.

Just reported were the lowest unemployment for lots of folks that no one helped before.  Democrats promised lots of things to the black and brown voters and when the election was over so were those relationships until the next election. Republicans made promises too, but they did not deliver either. The good news is, It does seem like everyone is in on the recovery and we should all care about this.

For years Jews were almost 100% Democratic voters partially induced with promises of Israel support but the politicians did little or nothing for years, then Trump came in and moved our embassy to Jerusalem. He also recognized Israel’s annexation of the Golan Heights.  I think the Jews might care and perhaps rethink their support.

Everyone was against China ripping us off, stealing our technology and manufacturing jobs; lots of talk but no action. Standing up to China took a lot of guts  and no other modern day President had done that, telling them to let our products in fairly and if you do not we will protect our business with tariffs the same way our forefathers did.

A lot of other countries were also taking advantage of us but the worst of it was some of our own people were giving away our riches by moving factories and jobs to other countries. Our new President stood up and said no more. The new North American free trade agreement stopped moving our jobs to Mexico and giving great trading advantage to Canada.

The border wall, which is being built, is something I do care about. The news said that it is not happening yet the pictures are out and there it is; a wall to protect American workers and a wall to protect American Families. The opponents say it is not right to protect our borders but I do not care what they say or think, I want people to come into this country legally, hopefully bringing some skills to help improve our country and maybe the world. Not just someone on the take.

Trump takes so much, flack but he is not the real target, we are, he is only the one standing in the way. If they can get rid of him, America will be truly transformed into something we will not recognize.



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