In todays’ world it’s fairly common to have an email address, and regardless of where you go or work, I’m sure someone’s asking you for it. Most stores (retail and grocers) offer a Reward Program (or something similar) requiring one to fill out a card with personal information; including your email address. Online shopping requires one as well as your cell phone carrier. So, you decide to get another email address with the hopes of being organized, using one for personal, work related and, or misc. Next thing you know, weeks later…you have hundreds of emails in a day and no idea where they all came from; this is email overload.

Email overload can become a real problem, leaving one to feel overwhelmed. One day you have 23 emails, and then suddenly…it bumps up towards the hundreds. You might not make much of it at the time, but then something unplanned happens (example; illness or an accident), and you haven’t time to check it for a week or more; you decide to finally sign in and there it is! Hundreds (feels like thousands) of emails from companies you never heard of, not to mention many being duplicated, and your junk mail is full. It’s obvious that marketing companies send out mass emails, but the so-called people that are ‘fishing’ are dangerous…leading one right into someone else’s’ scam; don’t open mail when senders are unknown to you.

Frustration starts to set in, as emails are pouring into your box, and you want to stop it. You begin to open some of them in order to scroll down to find the ‘unsubscribe’ button; but the button is so small you need a magnifying glass to find it! Now you think you got it licked, as you continue to unsubscribe to those pesky advertiser’s, until…there is no link whatsoever; what do you do? You’ve followed all protocol in order to stop unwanted emails, so now it’s up for you to go to into your email settings, and rid yourself of these pesky people. You’ve marked some as junk or spam, tried deleting it, and now have chosen to ‘block’ the sender; thinking that should do it. You decide to give it time, but they keep coming, cluttering the inbox. I’ve been there, done that, and felt lots of frustration…that’s putting it mildly. I’ve already spent an entire day trying to clean up my inbox, but the following day they’re all there again, why?  Because the sender no longer exists and an error occurred; making it impossible to get rid of them, and who isn’t disturbed by it all; it’s as if you’re getting robo calls to your computer.; annoying to say the least. When all else fails, you need to get serious.

If you need help with spam and can’t get rid of unwanted emails, you should then turn to the federal trade commission and report it, at .  Also…keep up to date with current antivirus and malware programs; I always use CCleaner to wash windows before I power off. Having that added piece of mind is worth it!

Make your week count.