Viktor Cu, 11 years old, was named male Player of the Year for the Virgin Valley Junior Golf 2019 season.

Virgin Valley Junior Golf selected its Players of the Year at its annual banquet, naming Palynn Zarndt as the female player and Viktor Cu as the male player.

Zarndt is 8 and the youngest female to win the honor. Cu is 11. Marsha Sherwood, administrator for the VV Junior Golf association said 110 kids, ages 6 through 18 years old, participated in this year’s season.

“That’s a record year for us,” Sherwood said. “So much of our success is because of the tremendous gifting by businesses and individuals we have in this program.”

The kids play at the Casablanca, Palms, Oasis Palmer and Canyons, Falcon Ridge and Conestoga golf courses.

The junior golf program includes three weeks of clinics given three days a week. There are also six tournaments the young golfers can play in along with night golf. The cost of the program is $50 for each child plus $10 a tournament although “no child is denied the chance to play in our program because of cost,” according to Sherwood. “We get donations to help offset the cost for any child who wants to play.”

Palynn Zarndt, 8 years old, was named female Player of the Year for the Virgin Valley Junior Golf 2019 season.

Players of the Year are not necessarily the best golfer but who was most involved in the program. Each player receives points for attendance at the clinics, participation and wins in tournaments, and a rules test at the end of the season. The most points earned determines the winners.

“We are so pleased with how much we’ve grown over the years,” Sherwood said. She’s been with the program for 14 years. “This is such a good experience for the kids and it’s all because of the support from our community and our sponsors.”