We seem to have crazy people who use their guns to hurt as many people as possible. As sad as this is the fact is these big headline shootings affect a small number of people compared to the continual death toll from shootouts in some of our biggest cities day after day, 59 shootings last weekend alone in Chicago. Yet, what seem to draws headlines are these mass shootings at schools and shopping malls. Yes these mass shootings are horrible and neither is acceptable but still the continued death toll in big cities continues to be ignored.

When you look at the numbers for the city slaughter it is truly staggering the carnage that goes on week after week. Some of the cities have enacted gun laws so that a law abiding citizen cannot have a gun to protect themselves or their family. Think about that, you live in a big city and in an area that used to be nice when you were young. However over time the neighborhood has changed, gangbangers now roam the area and at night they rule.

The gangbangers all seem to have gotten guns and they love to show off with them shooting at anyone they think is with another gang. The shots go everywhere. Duck and hold your family close, maybe on the floor. If you have a young son who has not signed up for a gang, watch out. If you have a young daughters look out. If they knock on your door, look out, because you can do nothing maybe the police will come this time, maybe not.

What a way to live! These cities have taken away a citizens basic right to protect themselves and their family, but the gangsters get all the guns and ammunition they need and then some. They care nothing about the city’s law as other criminals do. These gun laws have been in effect for a long time yet they have no effect on the bad guys because they do not care about stupid city, state or federal laws. Never have, never will.

If we pass more gun laws, who is going to give up their guns, the bad guys or the law abiding citizen? Then who is left with guns and consequently does not have to worry about any opposition. It’s a gun free zone except for the bad guy or gal, who laughs at gun laws anyway. It does make their job easier.

Yet some of the people we think are good do some bad things with guns. So what to do? Many suggestions yet none seem to cure the problem of allowing people to protect themselves and keep the guns out of the hands of crazies. So what is your idea as our current plan does not work?

In the old west the solution was, hang em high and right away. If you do the deed you pay the price. I do not know about you, but I’m tired of a legal process that takes years and cost plenty. Our justice system has broken down, when a shooter is captured with a warm gun and is seen shooting at people it still takes years and then in many cases we support them for 50 years or so in prison.

Today, the only person who cannot carry a gun in most big cities is the law abiding citizen. This is true because in most poor areas people do not have the political pull to get a carry license. The laws must be changed so that every law abiding citizen who is mentally stable, even living in big cities, should have the right to have and carry a gun to protect themselves and their family. What do you think?



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