Some calls that Mesquite Fire and Rescue receives are not always included in the report, as a synopsis is not received. To show the amount of work our Fire and Rescue workers do, we are including a weekly roster of stats. There were 6 calls this week; this is an incomplete report


Convulsions 1

Vehicle fire 1

Pregnancy 1

Patient transport 1

Locked in vehicle 1

Sick person 1

Aug. 4:

Locked in Vehicle: Rescue 31 and Engine 31 responded to a report of a child locked inside a

vehicle. Mesquite Police Department opened the door to the child. There was no

medical complaint.

Sick Person: Rescue 31 responded to the report of a sick person. Rescue 31 transported patient to Mesa View hospital.

Aug. 5:

Vehicle Fire: Engine 31 responded for a mutual aid request from Clark County Fire Department, to assist with a semi-truck fire, on I-15. The request was canceled prior to arrival.

Pregnancy: Rescues 31, 32 and Battalion 3 responded to a report of a female in active labor. One patient was transported to Mesa View Regional Hospital where she gave birth.