Youth from the Bunkerville 2nd Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints went on a 4-day hiking and river rafting trip to Moab, Utah. The 45-youth who went earned money for their trip by cleaning yards in the spring. They traveled the southern route by Lake Powell, Little Onion Creek and the upper Colorado River. To emphasis the theme of their experience “Moving Forward with Faith,” the youth searched stories of their pioneer ancestors to share at evenings programs. Each class or quorum also gave a devotional message each evening. They went on a guided river rafting trip on the upper Colorado River for 3 days with the river guides providing the meals each day. The weather was hot but they easily cooled off in the cold water of the river. Hiking later on the 3.9 miles of Fish Tower Trail really pushed them, but the scenery of the rock formations made the hike memorable. Fort Bluff visitor’s center gave them an opportunity to learn about the pioneers who traveled the “Hole in the Rock Trail” to settle southeastern Utah. They saw an original wagon that made the trip down the treacherous “Hole in the Rock” trail. They visited the blacksmith shop, cabins and buildings at the historical site.