Patricia is a very talented and skilled artist who has called Mesquite her home for many years.  Trained in watercolor and oils, she has developed a very unique style of sculpture-painting with polymer clay.  Her desert scenes come alive as 3D cactuses and animals come out to greet you.  Beautiful trees dripping over a serene lake make you feel as if you are there.  My favorite is a canyon scene with water running in a creek below (pictured left below).  Patricia has found that working in this medium is the most exciting and delightful exploration of possibilities she has experienced in any art medium.   She says “it has truly taught me the meaning of really having FUN.”

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to view her unique collection and buy her work during the month of July at the Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery.  You can meet Patricia at our July reception Thursday, July 18, from 4-6pm.  Gallery receptions are free and open to the public.

The Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery is located at 15 Mesquite Blvd., Monday through Saturday, 10am – 4pm; call 702-346-1338 with any questions.