June 27, 1908: Telephone committee formed

June 28, 1882: Flood takes washes out the dam and irrigation canals in 58 places.

June 29, 1918: Dr. Mc Gregor was called from St George to the bedside of Vern Pollock

June 30, 1909:  Samuel Reber Jr has gone to St George for merchandise for his store. We are pleased to see him run a little concern because it is very convenient for the people.

June 30, 1921: Mr. and Mrs. Heber Leavitt here (Washington UT) from Bunkerville NV, visiting relatives and friends last week.

July 2, 1898, Littlefield: Plenty of work and good health prevails here. C. Johnson passed through here with a load of lumber from Fredonia. We will celebrate the 4th of July at the beautiful grove at the mouth of the Beaver dam. The committee appointed for the day is A Frehner, S. Reber and Jos. Reber. Old Glory will be hung to the breeze at sunrise by A Frehner, after which a salute will be fired; the string band will then serenade the town. The sports program includes prizes for the best boxer, foot racer, jumper etc. The days jollities will end up with a dance in the evening.