This is the time of year in which most people like to travel, whether it’s visiting other family members or wanting to discover a new destination…it takes a bit of planning. Starting with transportation, airlines are usually the first to book, so if this is your preferred way to travel and you haven’t booked your flights yet,you should look at last-minute deals. There’s Airfare Watchdog online, or you can check out this next one, . The point’s guy offers some unbelievable last-minute deals, but first you should have a budget in mind; some of these deals offered are overseas.

Destinations such as Universal Studios and Disney Parks are hot right now. They recently opened Star Wars and Harry Potter Theme parks which can be pricey; however…last minute deals for this summer travel do exist. I must have spent hours on this next site . Similar to the points guy, their sites go over credit card options (best bang for your buck), the best way to book hotels, flights, inclusive packages and will give you lots of valuable information on  ‘what you need to know before you go’. The guides and resources section gives tips on traveling with small children, airport guides and what to expect; including anything else you may be interested in. What I found interesting with both sites is the fact they prefer Google Flights over Kayak, Travelocity, Orbitz and others; though this one  maximizes your discounts on google. So I checked out some prices on flights, using several of the most used sites as mentioned above. They were cheaper on googles matrix, while recommending you search for flights on Mondays late night or Tuesday mornings. Either way, you won’t be disappointed when you read their tips.

Companies, like Costco and AAA offer a variety of vacation packages. I haven’t been able to check with Costco, but I know AAA gives discounts to all their members for amusement parks and more. I say this because sometimes it’s easy to forget about AAA discounts, as excitement takes over during the planning stages. Last but not least…is Trip Advisor. This site has many different forums on vacations, airfare (airlines), dining and more. You can ask questions to those that have experienced hotel stays, theme parks, and whatever your interest is. I love reading what people have to say about their personal experiences; some good and some bad. One of the last things I found was . After searching for the best price on flights, I ran into sky scanner and was surprised that it found 1 cheaper flight yet; I used the same time frame (a month), as flexibility definitely will save you money. Everyone is willing to spend money on vacations, but the transportation part is a bit grueling at times; what’s important to one is not the same for another. So, wherever your next trip takes you, remember…take some time and save some money…‘Happy Travels.’

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